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Powered By Panasonic, ELS STUDIO 3D ® | Signature Edition Launches On The New 2022 Acura MDX Type S

Bringing studio quality sound and “Precision Crafted Audio” to Acura’s performance flagship SUV

LAS VEGAS — Today at CES 2022, Panasonic announces its highest level of in-vehicle audio performance. Introducing ELS STUDIO 3D® | Signature Edition premium audio system available on the new 2022 MDX Type S performance SUV flagship from Acura. ELS STUDIO 3D® | Signature Edition is the highest level of the award-winning ELS STUDIO offerings, merging engineering excellence with artistic authenticity. The result is the pinnacle of Precision Crafted Audio Performance. This lush listening experience celebrates the musical passions and audio tuning expertise of 8-time Grammy® award-winning producer, Elliot Scheiner, who provides his personal Signature sound to the all-new Acura MDX.

  • New for Acura - More powerful sound design than any previous Acura vehicle, this system boasts 25 speakers (3 coaxial), 22 channels, 2 amplifiers, over 1000 watts of power and Panasonic’s proprietary Acoustic Motion Control™.  Six Highline® Ultra Slim speakers mounted in the vehicle’s headliner create a spacious 3D ambience. 
  • A First for Acura, CenterParquetTM Experience – Featuring a balanced symmetrical sound stage, the three-way front-speaker combination flows from the left, center and right to deliver extremely clear mid-bass and vanishing low distortion.  The time aligned three-way second row sound is expertly crafted for exceptionally smooth bass response.  The unique CenterParquet® sound stage seems to virtually place you front and center at the world’s most renowned concert venues, greatly enhancing the listening experience for both the front and second row seating positions.
  • NEW PrecisionDriveTM Carbon Fiber Speakers - Carbon Fiber Diaphragm 17cm and 9cm speakers achieve quicker transient attack yet maintain smooth frequency response. The newly developed Carbon Dome Tweeters are natural in the audible range and extend the high frequency response to beyond 30kHz. The result?  Each occupant enjoys perfect balance, extremely clear mid-bass and accurate imaging. 
  • Highline® Ultra Slim Speakers (6) – ELS STUDIO 3D® delivers an immersive listening experience and pure audio in the vertical dimension with less cabin reflection and effortlessly suspends the sound image mid-air. 
  • Acoustic Motion ControlTM – Initially designed to match the performance requirements of the Acura NSX supercar, Panasonic’s Acoustic Motion ControlTM technology provides precise control of speaker diaphragm motion allowing for stunning reverb details and outstanding clarity from instrumentals.

Human UX Sound Design

  • NEW 3-way Front & Rear Cabin Architecture - An intimate listening experience with balanced symmetrical sound stage puts both front and rear seat passengers in the center of the performance with perfect balance.
  • ELS Validated by ELS - After all the technical designs, acoustic measurements and dynamic audio adjustments are completed, ELS STUDIO 3D® is rigorously tested and tuned by the discriminating ears of eight-time Grammy® Award winning recording engineer & producer, Elliot Scheiner.  

ELS STUDIO 3D® | Signature EditionTM is exclusively from Acura
“This is the highest level of performance and power for Acura to date and celebrates nearly 20 years of contributions to automotive audio by Panasonic and Elliot Scheiner,” said Tom Dunn, director – global audio solutions business unit, Panasonic Automotive. “The combination of system content and craftsmanship creates a unique studio sound experience for any seating position.” 

Proprietary Panasonic Technology  
For 19 years, Panasonic has been designing the best in Precision Crafted Audio for Acura vehicles.  In that time, we have created and patented several proprietary technologies found on the ELS STUDIO 3D® premium audio systems.  The TwinTelfordTM subwoofers, Highline® Ultra Slim speakers, Acoustic Motion ControlTM, 3-Way Front Cabin mid-range architecture, and Super Dynamic Range (SDR) speakers with extended range to eliminate distortion and now, ELS STUDIO 3D® | Signature Edition.

ELS Studio premium audio first appeared on the 2004 MY Acura TL. The all-new 2022 Acura MDX Type S Advance is the first model to integrate this exclusive, signature performance system.  For more information, visit

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