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Panasonic Satisfies Consumer Demand for At-Home Beauty Treatments with the Release of Two New Women’s Electric Shavers

The ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G models of the Panasonic Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver provide salon-quality results while being gentle on skin

Newark, NJ – Today, Panasonic released two new models of the Panasonic Women's Wet/Dry Electric Shaver: the ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G. The four-blade ES-WL80-V and the three-blade ES-WL60-G are high-performing, luxuriously designed shavers that provide a close shave while being safe and gentle on skin, including in hard-to-reach areas.

Panasonic Women's Wet/Dry Electric Shaver, models ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G

Both the ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G have floating blades and dual ultra-thin outer foils that work together to ensure precise hair removal. Unlike a traditional T-shaped razor, the inner blades of the ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G don’t touch the skin directly, allowing for a gentle and smooth shave that doesn’t cut or irritate the skin.

Additionally, the shavers utilize “Dual-Side Shaving,” a back-and-forth movement of the blades on either side of the shavers that removes unwanted hair in large areas smoothly, quickly and easily. To cut long hair or for detailed shaving of small areas, users can turn on the Pop-Up trimmer at the base of the shaver head. Of note, the ES-WL80-V includes a bikini attachment to groom the bikini area.

"As consumers transition into a new 'normal' because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to see many women are still seeking beauty and grooming products they can use in the comfort of their home that provide them with salon-quality results," said Ranjia Zhang, Senior Product Manager – Personal Care & Health Care at Panasonic. "This has resulted in increased demand for a shaver that can provide a close shave yet be gentle on skin and safe to use. The two new models of the Panasonic Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver are the perfect solution for women’s at-home grooming needs."

Capable of being used wet or dry, the new & improved arched design of the ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G makes it easier for users to shave further-to-reach areas, such as the shin, and now includes a push switch that users can switch on easily when they’re ready to shave. The ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G can reach a full charge in 20 hours and can be used continuously for 35 minutes, a four-hour and 14-minute improvement, respectively.*

Other features included with the ES-WL80-V and ES-WL60-G are:

  • A stable charging stand that keeps the shaver in place as it charges without wobbling. The charging stand also has a softer LED light so it’s not too bright, allowing its design to blend into daily life.
  • Travel accessories such as a travel cap that protects the blades and can be used as a holder when the shaver is taken on the go, as well as an easy-carry pouch.

The ES-WL80-V ($39.99) and ES-WL60-G ($29.99) are now available for purchase on Amazon.

* Compared to the Panasonic Electric Razor for Women – ES2216PC

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