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Panasonic Releases First 6-Blade Shaver

The new Arc6 responds to increasing work from home and grooming needs

  • Panasonic’s first 6-blade shaver features two finish blades, two lift blades and two new thick stubble blades
  • Advanced Japanese blade technology incorporates Japanese craftsmanship and stainless steel
  • Unique ultra-fast linear motor delivers 84,000 cross cutting actions per minute
  • Unique flexible shaver head capable of independent movement in 22 directions
  • Responsive beard sensor technology adjusts to unique facial contours

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Panasonic released the Arc6, its first 6-Blade Shaver, as a grooming solution for men who have grown thicker stubble as a result of working from home more. Designed to groom away thick stubble, the Arc6 cuts four times more of tricky, long, flat-lying hairs in a single pass than the Panasonic Arc5 5-blade shavers (ES-LV67-K, ES-LV97-K). The Arc6 also combines Japanese blade technology and Panasonic’s ultra-fast linear motor to provide a closer shave and to minimize tugging and skin irritation.

Two different configurations of the Arc6 are available: the ES-LS9A which includes a dedicated cleaning and charging station and the ES-LS8A which only includes the shaver.

Shaver Cleaning Charger Station

Additional new thick stubble blades and advanced blade technology
The Arc6 includes two finish blades, two lift blades, and two new thick stubble blades coated with titanium that are designed to thoroughly scoop up and capture long, flat-lying hairs found on the jaw and around the neck. 

All six blades are made with Panasonic’s advanced Japanese blade technology that is renowned for its strength, sharpness and durability. Forged from the same highest-grade stainless steel used for Japanese sword making, Panasonic’s blades are more durable than conventional nickel electroformed blades and retain their initial quality longer. Once forged, Panasonic’s blades are nano-sharpened to just 30 degrees, creating an angle that keeps the blades close to the whisker root. The combination of durability and sharpness yield a clean, close and gentle shave that leaves the face stubble-free for up to eight hours. 

The true craftmanship of these blades is confirmed by highly skilled technicians who provide a stringent final inspection after verification by leading-edge precision inspection devices, ensuring the highest quality. Every inner blade is inspected and marked with the date of production and lot number before shipping. 

The new Arc6 shaver also features a pop-up trimmer enabling pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming.

22D flexible shaver head and ultra-fast linear motor
Shaving is like golf: the lower the stroke count, the better the outcome. The Arc6 is designed to provide a smoother and cleaner shave in one stroke. Such accuracy is made possible by a flexible head and floating 6-blade construction that moves in 22 independent directions, which follows the contours of the face to minimize pressure and skin irritation for a quick and clean cut. The flexible head moves in 10 directions (back and forth, left and right, up and down, and swivel and slide) while the new floating blade mechanisms move in 12 directions (all six blades are capable of vertical and horizontal movement). Each stroke covers a greater area while reducing the overall burden on the skin by 10% compared to the Arc5 5-blade shavers (ES-LV67-K, ES-LV97-K).

Each Panasonic Arc6 shaver is fitted with an advanced ultra-fast linear motor. Utilizing advanced mag-lev technology, the world’s strongest magnets are capable of a staggering 84,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. The motor is built into the head section of the shaver to directly drive the inner blades at high speed. The Arc6 maintains its ultra-fast speed even as the battery’s charge depletes, reducing skin irritation that can occur with conventional shavers when cutting speed declines in direct proportion to the charge. The ultra-fast but steady cutting speed gives the Arc6 the advantage when dealing with a thicker beard, providing a clean and gentle shave.

A more personalized shave using sensor technology
Every beard is different and the Arc6 is fitted with Panasonic’s most responsive beard sensor technology. The sensor detects beard density and thickness 220 times per second and adjusts the power of the motor 14 times per second, personalizing each shave by accommodating unique facial contours, stubble thickness and density. 

Craft black and premium design
In addition to incorporating the latest Panasonic technology, the Arc6 is designed to look slick and elegant in matte black, while the sculptured, ergonomically shaped design promotes ease of use.

The ES-LS9A configuration also comes with a compact auto cleaning and charging station that automatically cleans and charges the shaver with the press of a button. The thorough clean removes all beard clippings and sebum, which can be difficult to remove with just water, keeping the blades sharp for longer.

The Panasonic Arc6 6-Blade Shaver (ES-LS8A) and (ES-LS9A) will be available on Amazon for $399.99-$499.99 in April 2022.

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