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Panasonic Provides Handsfree Cooking Experience with Release of Smart Microwave

As smart speaker adoption continues to rise, the NN-SV79MS is compatible with Alexa

Las Vegas, NV – Today Panasonic announced the release of its first smart microwave – the Panasonic Smart Inverter Countertop Microwave Oven, Works with Alexa (NN-SV79MS) – at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The NN-SV79MS can be controlled with Alexa using any Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app. With 69.7 percent of U.S. smart-speaker users using Alexa1, the NN-SV79MS fits seamlessly into these households’ smart home setup. 

Smart Microwave

Get Cooking with Alexa
Once the NN-SV79MS is connected to the Alexa app or any Alexa-enabled device, like Echo or Echo Dot, Alexa can understand over 100 commands to operate the microwave. Commands include:

  • Cook for a Specific Time: “Alexa, reheat for 30 seconds.”
  • Stop, Pause, Resume: “Alexa, pause the microwave.”
  • Add Cooking Time: “Alexa, add 30 seconds to microwave.”
  • Defrost: “Alexa, defrost one pound of ground beef.”
  • Reheat: “Alexa, reheat 1 cup of coffee.”
  • Cook: “Alexa, cook frozen pizza.”
  • Soften/Melt: “Alexa, melt 1 cup of chocolate in the microwave.”
  • Keep Warm: “Alexa, warm food for 15 minutes.”
  • Make Popcorn: “Alexa, make popcorn in the microwave.”

“We understand from our own cooking experiences that there are moments in the kitchen when you need to move quickly or have your hands full meal prepping,” said Hiroko Watanabe, Appliance Group Manager. “Partnering with Alexa was a natural choice knowing their devices are already in the homes of many consumers – including our own. We are thrilled to partner with Alexa to help make consumers’ cooking experience easier.”

Users can easily connect the NN-SV79MS to Alexa with “Zero-touch setup” or “2D code setup.” The microwave does not need to be connected to Alexa to operate, but connection is highly recommended to take advantage of the NN-SV79MS’ full capabilities. The NN-SV79MS can be disconnected from and reconnected to Alexa as needed.

Alexa-enabled devices are not included with the purchase of the NN-SV79MS. The Alexa app can be downloaded in users’ preferred app store.

Smart, Even Cooking Power with Easy, Quick Microwave Controls and Capabilities
The NN-SV79MS utilizes 1,200-Watt inverter microwave technology. Users can choose from 10 power levels ranging from keep warm to high to set the desired power and cook time to evenly and efficiently defrost, reheat, cook, and keep food warm. 

There are six dedicated buttons on the microwave panel to help achieve preferred cooking results. The Quick 30 button reheats food at full power for 30 seconds, for up to a total of five minutes, while the Turbo Defrost utilizes Inverter technology to distribute consistent power for even results without overcooking on the edges or frozen in the middle. For a perfectly popped bag of popcorn, users can press the Popcorn button and enter the weight of the bag being popped before pressing start. The Microwave button allows users select the 10 power levels. The other two buttons include a Timer/Clock and a Stop/Reset button.

Also on the microwave panel is an easy-to-use dial that allows users to set the cooking time, select auto programs, and set the weight of the item inside. For any foods that require a standing time after being cooked, users can set a desired standing time for up to 1.5 hours by pressing the Microwave button and setting the desired cooking and standing times with the dial.* If a user is not ready to start cooking, they can delay the cooking start time for a later time by pressing the Timer/Clock button and setting the desired delay time with the dial.*

Finally, the center of the dial is a button that can be pressed to start operating the NN-SV79MS, confirm selections and for Sensor Reheating. 

One-Push Sensor Reheat and Cook with The Genius
Unique to Panasonic, The Genius is a built-in sensor that automatically measures the humidity of the food and calculates the cooking time to quickly and evenly thaw, reheat and cook food – all with one push of the dial. The Genius Sensor is activated by pressing Sensor Reheat on the dial. Users can select from 20 pre-programmed menu options to cook dishes like potatoes, vegetables and oatmeal, warm a cup of milk to melt or soften butter or chocolate.  

Sleek, Space-Saving and Safe Design
The NN-SV79MS is designed to have a large interior capacity (10 13/32” x 13 7/8” x 16 1/16”), but a small overall exterior footprint (12 15/16” x 20 7/16” x 17 13/32”) to fit nicely on countertops. 

There is an easy-to-read large LCD screen directly above the six buttons and dial on the microwave panel that presents users with the options and settings when prompted by use of the buttons and dial. Finally, for any users with children, there is a Child Safety Lock feature that prevents the electronic operation of the oven until the feature is unlocked.

The Panasonic Smart Inverter Countertop Microwave Oven, Works with Alexa (NN-SV79MS) will be available in March at and BestBuy for $299.99.

1Source: eMarketer, Nov. 2019
Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
*These features do not have compatible commands with Alexa.


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