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Panasonic Now Offering Complete Smart Home Ventilation Solutions with Swidget Controls

Panasonic Now Offering Complete Smart Home Ventilation Solutions with Swidget Controls

TORONTO – Panasonic announces its new, end-to-end smart home ventilation solution as the exclusive distributor of Swidget smart controls in the electrical and HVAC distribution channels in the U.S. and Canada. Swidget devices can be paired with most of Panasonic’s portfolio of ventilation solutions, including its renowned Whisper ventilation fans and its advanced energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), creating a complete smart home ventilation eco-system.

“We are pleased to provide Panasonic’s North American customers with a portfolio of end-to-end ventilation solutions from a high quality brand and single source, for optimal indoor air quality and a healthier home,” said Kevin Smith, General Manager Life and Device Solutions, Panasonic Canada. “With the addition of Swidget controls, Panasonic ventilation systems have the added convenience of empowering homeowners to control their home’s air quality on the go and make real time adjustments to fit everyone’s air quality preferences.”


Swidget inserts fit directly into Swidget outlets or switches and are interchangeable, allowing customers to create a customized, flexible, modular solution. Swidget devices are then programmed to work with Panasonic’s ventilation systems – as the inserts detect changes in temperature, humidity, air quality, and motion, they turn the ventilation solutions on or off based on levels of these detections, as programmed. A convenient mobile app gives homeowners the ability to control home air quality from anywhere, while also providing crucial energy efficiency information such as power consumption, cost, and scheduling.

“We’re honored to partner with the industry leader in ventilation and indoor air quality” said Cam Wilson, CEO of Swidget Corp.. “Panasonic products are already renowned for innovation and energy efficiency, but combined with the Swidget control ecosystem, homeowners can now further improve their indoor environment at an even lower operating cost. With Healthy Home and sustainability being top-of-mind concerns for most homeowners, it’s an outstanding solution”.

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About Swidget Corp.
Founded in 2017 in Canada, Swidget Corp. is focused on expanding and continually improving upon its future-proof, easy-to-use IoT ecosystem of hardware and software, using the data to enable control of building infrastructure for wellness, safety, convenience, and reduced energy consumption. With data privacy and sustainability being core company values, Swidget partners with business-to-business customers to incorporate a flexible and technology agnostic solution into their product offerings, providing a better experience for our mutual customers. Swidget is proud to be recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) as the winner of the 2020 Global Innovation Award. To discover more about Swidget and its patented technologies, visit

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