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Panasonic Connect to Showcase New Restaurant Technology Solutions at MURTEC 2024

The Stingray® JS988 Point-of-Sale Terminals and Stingray® JS9900 Kiosk Series will drive efficiencies for customers and store employees across restaurant and retail environments

Newark, N.J.  – Panasonic Connect North America will showcase its restaurant technology solutions, including its newest Stingray® JS9900 Kiosk Series and JS988 Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals, at MURTEC 2024. The new solutions will transform the well-known consumer experience in fast casual or quick-serve settings from a mundane order process to a completely personalized and seamless touchpoint between customers and their favorite eateries.

The new kiosks and POS terminals were built with Panasonic Connect’s customer needs in mind, focused on flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. These elements are critical not just for quick-serve restaurants, but also a variety of retail establishments from convenience stores to fueling stations, and hospitality operations looking to maximize the consumer experience and increase their reputation as a tech-forward brand. To provide staff members with the tools they need to get their jobs done more efficiently, optimize workflows, and promote data-driven processes, these new technology solutions empower consumers to take control of their own digitally enabled order or check-in process. With the easy-to-use and interactive solutions deployed throughout a storefront, businesses can keep up with fast-paced environments, and offer do-it-yourself and personalized solutions for customers to order and pay as quickly as possible.

At the Panasonic Connect booth #136, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with several solutions, including the new Stingray options:

  • Stingray® JS988 POS Terminal: A new all-in-one POS terminal with a small footprint and lightweight design so users can effortlessly move the devices and interact with the terminal. Integrated with the latest Intel® processors, the Stingray JS988 is designed to be fast and powerful, ensuring smooth performance for anyone. Easily customizable to fit a wide range of form factors, the modular terminal can also be integrated with choice of peripherals including a camera, customer-facing display, biometric magnetic stripe reader (MSR), and more – all to enhance the purchasing experience to create personalized pathways for all customers.
  • Stingray® JS9900 Kiosk Series: A new kiosk made with versatility in mind. With flexible mounting options from floor or counter stands to wall mounts and a variety of screen sizes, the kiosks can be configured in over 750 different combinations. To create a truly customizable experience, the modular and durable design will enable stores to place the kiosk anywhere with easily swappable screens and mounts. This also ensures future readiness for any store configuration change while also withstanding busy environments that can be tough on hardware. Designed to be powerful and quick, the kiosk can be used for a variety of solutions through the store for wayfinding, self-ordering, POS, or advertising and displaying dynamic content – pertinent to giving the customer all information needed to enhance their buying experience.

“Our newest retail and restaurant solutions are built to empower businesses to create interactive experiences that exceed consumer expectations,” said James (Jay) Burdette, senior director at Panasonic Connect North America. “Businesses need to balance sleek performance with rugged reliability – and that’s where the JS988 and JS9900 come in. Amidst ongoing staffing challenges and the strong desire for better digital experiences, our new kiosks and POS terminals make the in-store experience more efficient for both employees and patrons – and help bring popular establishments into the digital future.”

For more information about the JS988 POS Terminals and the JS9900 Kiosk Series, visit Panasonic Connect at MURTEC or visit their website:

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