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Panasonic Connect Brings Automation to Manufacturing Lines with North American Launch of NPM-GP/L Screen Printer

New technology enhances line performance, quickens product line changeover, and enables accurate high-quality printing

NEWARK, NJ - Panasonic Connect North America launched its new NPM-GP/L Screen Printer to North American manufacturers. The Printer is part of Panasonic Connect’s latest line of autonomous factory solutions that empower manufacturers to maximize equipment effectiveness and future-proof production lines as they navigate today’s ongoing material, labor, and training shifts.

Panasonic Connect’s NPM-GP/L Screen Printer brings together hardware and software in a complete manufacturing solution, along with a full services support package to enable:

  • Maximized performance for improved product quality and seamless employee training: Production line changes can occur within a cycle time of just 12 seconds, including the cleaning cycle and with ±3.8 µm positional repeatability. The printer can handle a variety of printed circuit boards (PCBs) sizes up to 510 x 510mm and boasts functions to achieve high-quality printing, including mask adhesion to prevent dragging, adjustable squeegee for optimum fill, and a solder and adhesive dispense head. 
  • Automated precision for increased uptime and optimized material usage: Delivers sub-four minute automated production line changeover from start to end, including automatic solder paste transfer, metal mask changer, and support pin replacement. Automates additional tasks during production, including solder supply using a perforated pot and a paper-free wiping unit that does not require solvent.
  • Intelligent control for agile, data-driven operations: Dynamic machine monitoring maintains status of materials during production and can automatically change printing parameters to achieve stable production. Machine-to-machine (M2M) process control is enabled via communication with nine industry solder paste inspection (SPI) partners across 29 different models. 

“Manufacturers are turning to automation at a time when streamlining processes is critical for boosting manufacturing output and shortening training cycles,” said Gustavo Sepulveda, robotics and automation business head for Panasonic Connect. “Our new NPM-GP/L Screen Printer with automated precision, functionality, and control delivers speed, consistency, and efficiency for modern factories.” 

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