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At CES 2023, Panasonic Unveils Latest Innovations, Integrated Solutions and New Technologies to Champion Sustainability and Healthy Living

LAS VEGAS, NV – From the latest in energy-efficient lifestyle products to advances in e-mobility that electrify vehicles and roadways to the realization of a carbon-neutral town, Panasonic highlights its newest innovations, smart collaborations, environmentally responsible solutions and wellness technology at CES 2023. Panasonic’s booth is comprised of four focus areas — Park, Town, Mobility and Home. The booth is designed to simulate a smarter, greener and more connected world and demonstrate how Panasonic is solving issues that directly relate to individual wellbeing, community safety and the vitality and sustainability of our planet. Each area showcases how Panasonic is helping to transform the future through innovations in line with the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative, its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions globally. The Panasonic CES Booth is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall #16317 during the show (Jan. 5-8, 2023).

Visitors to the booth can discover the collective action Panasonic and its customers are taking to address the climate crisis head on and its decarbonization goals, experience new lifestyle products and technologies that contribute to CO2 reduction while enhancing well-being of people and society and learn how the company is changing the face of mobility.

An immersive, interactive online journey, the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Experience complements the physical features of the booth to illustrate the company’s vision of a more sustainability-focused future, and the technologies and solutions it has developed to support this vision. Visitors can complete digital quests throughout the virtual reality (VR) environment, collect badges and heed calls to action, which can result in planting real trees to help restore forests around the world.


Tech Talks - Live This Year!

Panasonic Tech Talks return for a third year with presentations featuring Panasonic’s leading technology minds and partners. The brief discussions are formatted to deliver interesting insights and inspire thought on emerging trends shaping industries and society. This year’s Tech Talks will be live and recorded, and the line-up of topics and speakers include:

  • Net-Zero Goals and Market Trends in Renewable Energy Projects: Misti Groves, head of market and policy innovation for the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) and Tina Jeffress, Panasonic’s experts on sustainability and energy discuss Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative and the increased demand for renewable energy projects.
  • Creating Shared Value with Interoperability - Utilities and Electric Vehicle Fleet Operators: Dexter Gauntlett, who leads utility advisory for Panasonic and CharIN Inc. Chairman Oleg Logvinov, will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing utilities and fleet operators at the growing nexus of energy and electric mobility.
  • Making Indoor Air Quality Right: Mike Holmes, professional contractor and host of Canadian TV series “Holmes on Homes”, chats with Kevin Smith and Ken Nelson, Panasonic experts on indoor air quality, about  building sustainable, effective indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions to make every breath we take the best possible.
  • LUMIX: A Camera for the Social Media Age: Sean Robinson and Matt Frazer, business development and marketing leaders for Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, will discuss how several LUMIX camera features make it the ideal camera for social media users.


Live Streaming the Panasonic Press Conference and Tech Talks

The Panasonic CES press conference, held on January 4, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PT, will be live streamed at and archived afterward. A schedule of Panasonic Tech Talks with subject matter experts will also be available on the Panasonic site.


Main Exhibits at the Panasonic Booth (Las Vegas Convention Central Hall (LVCC) #16317


Park envisions a future society created by Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT initiative, Panasonic’s commitment towards achieving carbon neutrality in all operating companies by 2030. In this area, visitors will learn more about the technologies and solutions Panasonic is developing to reduce CO2 emissions, and positively impact the future of communities and the environment using sustainable energy.

Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Introduction

Panasonic has a long history of commitment to the environment and is a leader in sustainable energy. The Company has committed to Net Zero operations in all Operating Companies by 2030, and the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative goes beyond what many other companies are doing in terms of emission reduction (Contribution & Future Impact). In fact, Panasonic’s goal is to achieve carbon reduction of 300 million tons or more by 2050, equal to 1% of the world’s total emissions.


The video display provides an overall picture of the Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative, and the GREEN IMPACT Plan 2024 that defines milestones the company is striving to meet to reach its net-zero goals.

Perovskite Solar Cell One of the technologies vital to meeting Panasonic GREEN IMPACT goals is the Perovskite solar cell, a highly energy-efficient and ultra-lightweight device that is designed with Panasonic’s proprietary inkjet coating technology and materials, and can be used in residential and commercial applications.
Perovskite Solar Cell Tree Symbolizing the society of the future created by Panasonic GREEN IMPACT initiative, the Perovskite Solar Cell Tree generates renewable energy and its leaves are comprised of simulated Perovskite solar cells. Phone charging stations at the base of the 24-foot tree are powered by its energy and benches encircling the tree provide a gathering place for visitors to take a break, and recharge, both literally and figuratively.
Green Hydrogen Panasonic is contributing to the development of zero-emission towns by extracting hydrogen without emitting CO2.This display will showcase innovative technologies for CO2-free green hydrogen production, including electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis, membrane electrode assemblies and skeleton models of water electrolysis equipment.



A Panasonic “Green Impact” Town is the ultimate embodiment of Panasonic’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of people and society. Visitors to the Town area will learn about Panasonic’s goal to achieve a carbon neutral city run on renewable energy sources that include pure hydrogen fuel cells, and the world’s first attempt to create a renewable energy facility through the full-scale use of hydrogen.

Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Panasonic aims to become a net energy producer by 2050, and is contributing to the reduction of global environmental impact by showcasing a potential CO2-free city powered by pure hydrogen fuel cells.


Fuel cell technology has been in development for more than two decades at Panasonic, and the company is now developing technologies across the hydrogen value chain.

Renewable Energy 100% Factory Diorama The Renewable Energy 100% Factory Diorama showcases a hydrogen-based plant to combine pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, photovoltaic generators and lithium-ion storage batteries for energy management. The project is currently being built at Panasonic’s Kusatsu site in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture.



From driver and passenger safety and comfort solutions to the electrification and increased energy-efficient operation of vehicles and fleets, Panasonic is changing mobility on multiple fronts. The Mobility section features automotive technology for EVs, as well as lithium-ion batteries and eBikes specifically designed for increased comfort and efficiency.

NEW nanoe™X air purifier (in-vehicle) The nanoe™ X portable in-vehicle air purifier provides and protects cabin air purity in North America. The air purifier incorporates Panasonic’s unique, patented nanoeX technology to reduce odors and inhibit harmful substances.
NEW Panasonic Automotive EV Audio System The Panasonic Automotive EV Audio System is a new, modular audio system designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). The system provides EV owners a high-quality listening experience with reduced energy consumption and weight for a more environmentally friendly and efficient system overall.
XEALT M5 eMTB (eBike display) The XEALT M5 eMTB is a new, electrically assisted sports eBike specifically designed for all body types and for off-roading. Powered by Panasonic’s high-torque GX drive motor with Panasonic battery pack, the XEALT M5 increases accuracy and efficiency on paved roads and rougher terrain.
Simulated Lithium-Ion Battery Sculpture Simulated lithium-ion batteries comprise the battery sculpture, built to represent Panasonic’s legacy as a global leader in lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle symbolizes Panasonic’s role as a global leader in the production of lithium-ion batteries for EVs.



From energy-efficient products that contribute to your inner and outer well-being and consumer entertainment devices, Panasonic creates a healthy and engaging environment for you and your family at home.

New Products


Introducing the LUMIX S5II, S5IIX and new 14-28mm lens. These products are the answer photographers have been waiting for, with the introduction of PHASE HYBRID Auto Focus, delivering improvements in image quality and capability. These products were developed to provide strong support for a flexible shooting style.


The LUMIX S5IIX offers key features for a social media age, with pro-video features preinstalled and pro-level streaming features available, allowing users access to Wireless and Wired IP Streaming and USB tethering to smartphones. In addition to the software, the camera design is cutting-edge, with all logos blacked out for convenience and ease of everyday use.


Bringing to life the crisp auto-focus feature of the new addition to the LUMIX line are performances by 2024 Olympic breakdancing hopefuls. In partnership with Project RED, Panasonic is bringing a DJ to its booth on January 5th at 12:30 PM PT for all attendees to see.

NEW OLED MZ2000 The new MZ2000 series, which will be available in a range of sizes, brings new game-changing brightness improvements, unlocking the full potential of the next generation OLED panel with Micro Lens Array technology. This series will also introduce features that will excite gamers – True Game Mode and new sound modes. True Game Mode provide a completely accurate picture setting for gamers who want to enjoy the creators’ intent. And, the new sound modes create a completely immersive soundstage for gamers to hear every word – and every movement – in their games.
Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable Featuring the iconic characteristics of Technics turntables, such as the coreless direct drive motor and a high-precision S-shaped aluminum tonearm, the new Technics SL-100C Turntable is a highly attractive solution for all hi-fi oriented vinyl aficionados looking for an authentic, affordable Technics turntable.
SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker The Panasonic SoundSlayer Wearable Gaming Speaker SC-GN01 enhances the gaming experience for full audio immersion into a player’s favorite games, with powerful surround sound with a 2.1 channel, 3-way speaker system with a built-in subwoofer—all within a single compact body.
VR Glasses (B2B) Panasonic’s VR glasses not only serve the metaverse, but also digital twin use cases. These smart glasses solve mobility problems and improve individual autonomy, by recognizing obstacles and providing guidance to prevent collisions and falls.


Based in Osaka, Japan, Shiftall is a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation specializing in IoT development.

Flip VR Controller The Shiftall Flip VR Controller is an innovative VR controller that allows the user to grab and hold on to real-life objects, control a keyboard or mouse and play real musical instruments without losing hand position tracking. Compatible with Valve’s Lighthouse Tracking, an innovative technology for users who spend tons of time in the metaverse, the control panel can be quickly flipped back to use the joystick or buttons.
MeganeX (MP type) The Shiftall MeganeX is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-high-resolution VR headset compatible with Steam VR. Powered by Snapdragon ® XR1 platform to enable an optimized, high-quality VR experience, the MeganeX features a 5.2K resolution OLED microdisplay and a foldable frame with built-in speakers for easy transport.
HaritoraX Wireless The Shiftall HaritoraX Wireless is a totally wireless full-body tracking device that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the VR metaverse.
HaritoraX 1.1 The Shiftall HaritoraX is a full-body motion tracking device that follows, monitors and captures hip and leg movements and is compatible with Steam VR. With a built-in rechargeable battery, the HaritoraX runs for more than 10 hours on a single charge, and can also be combined with a wireless VR headset such as Oculus Quest 2 for completely wireless operation.
mutalk The Shiftall mutalk is a Bluetooth microphone that suppresses leaked sound, by preventing obtrusive ambient noise into the metaverse and muting voice chat of metaverse users to avoid disturbing family or neighbors. The mutalk can be secured or affixed to the user’s face with a special strap, to allow for hands-free talking, and can also be used for conference calls in open spaces with the strap removed.


Created by Yoky Matsuoka, Yohana is an independent subsidiary of Panasonic guided by the company’s founding principles and vision to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people. Together, Yohana and Panasonic are creating services and products that continue to move us forward and make life easier for the modern family.

Yohana Yohana is a personal digital assistant service that focuses on prioritizing the wellbeing of families. Designed to make life easier for the modern family, Yohana applies AI technology through an app that allows customers to delegate daily tasks and be more present in their own lives. The Yohana service will be demonstrated on an interactive digital kiosk.

Social Wellbeing

Carbon Neutral House A visual representation of ways to contribute to the decarbonization of society, and meet carbon emission reduction goals established by the Panasonic Green IMPACT initiative. Panasonic has invested in researching and developing innovative technologies for clean and energy-efficient solutions. These include heat pump technology to reduce CO2 emissions, renewable energy sources using hydrogen and CO2 condensing units.
Air to Water (A2W) Aquarea EcoFleX Using Panasonic’s highly efficient heat pump technology, the new Aquarea EcoFleX (Air to Water, or A2W) solution captures thermal energy outdoors to heat or cool the air and water inside the home. The flexible Aquarea EcoFleX also recovers heat discharged when cooling indoor air in the summer, converts it into hot water, and supplies the home with heat and hot water simultaneously in the winter.
MultiShape "Take Back for Tomorrow" Electronic Device Recycling Program To keep consumer electronics out of landfills, Panasonic announces the Take Back for Tomorrow recycling program for personal grooming devices. Individuals can recycle any personal grooming device, regardless of brand, through a program with Panasonic and its business partners. Individuals who participate will receive a discount on a future purchase of MultiShape, a grooming tool that utilizes the same body for five different grooming attachment heads on display. The modular design eliminates the need for a motor, rechargeable battery and adapter for each product.

Future Home - Inner/Outer/Spatial Products - Wellbeing

Auto Cooker (prototype) Panasonic’s Auto Cooker is an innovative smart cooker that allows cooks to unlock the natural umami flavors of ingredients and reduce cooking time through automatic stirring, controlled heating and pressure cooking.
Defroster Panasonic’s Defroster incorporates innovative Panasonic technology to enable high-quality defrosting of food with the use of microwave sensing, improving its texture and taste in comparison to thawing in the refrigerator.
Indoor Smart Composter The Panasonic Indoor Smart Composter is a connected waste disposal unit that uses a warm-air drying system for faster and easier disposal and compression of food and general waste.
LED/IPL Skin Care Device Developed in close consultation with dermatologists, the Panasonic LED/IPL Skin Care Device uses high power LED and IPL photo flash technology to help remove dead skin cells, resulting in noticeably clearer, more luminescent skin.
EMS Gua Sha Named for a massage technique originating about 2,500 years ago in China, the EMS Gua Sha is a skincare device featuring Panasonic’s proprietary dual EMS technology to effectively tone facial muscles and smooth skin.
nanoe™ Hair Dryer Featuring Panasonic’s patented nanoe™ technology, the compact nanoe™ Hair Dryer delivers enhanced moisture and silkiness coupled with fast drying in a compact design and built-in smart sensors to control temperature and airflow.
Healing Steamer (prototype) Panasonic’s Healing Steamer for breathing and skin conditioning is specifically designed to help you achieve an optimal deep breathing rhythm by monitoring the intensity, steam and illumination level.
Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Separate Dust Box Panasonic’s new Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner features built-in nanoeX technology to sterilize and deodorize dust, a Clean Sensor to pick up particles that are invisible to the naked eye and a separate dust box for easy handling.


CES 2023 Press Kit:

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