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Smart Locker & eMart


Smart Locker & eMart


In an era when convenience is king, Panasonic brings forward the Smart Locker, a Click and Collect delivery system for customers to retrieve their groceries at their convenience. In addition, an autonomous eMart concept vehicle debuts -- built on a 48V modular platform with a merchandise delivery cabin including refrigerated produce car.

Using shipping information stored in the cloud, the Panasonic Smart Locker keeps packages inside refrigerated or frozen, supporting a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year service. When ordering groceries online, you can select a locker location that is nearest to you and have the items delivered there. There is also an ambient side for traditional grocery, such as canned goods and dog food.

Panasonic's Smart Locker brings a “last mile solution” to the streets. It allows you to maximize your time as purchases can be delivered to your specified locker location without the need for anyone to be there to accept them. With smart technology allowing for the delivery boxes to be set to appropriate temperatures, they easily accommodate chilled or frozen goods.

Deliveries that wait on you

At CES, we are also introducing a concept eMart food delivery system/mobile store for the convenience of fresh food while you’re on the go. Customers have the ability to buy fresh food at mobile eMarts with food traceability features to ease any food safety concerns. By scanning QR codes on the food labels, customers can see the item’s origin, when it was placed in the eMart and any expiration dates.  Convenience is at the consumer’s fingertips with scan & pay features, reducing the need for onsite cashiers. On the backend, with the Panasonic cloud solution, cooperating vendors can institute price changes remotely and the platform behind this autonomous concept can notify them of any out of stock items.