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Panasonic β (Beta)


Panasonic β (Beta)


We’ve assembled a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, technologists and designers who are busy dreaming up radical solutions to re-imagine and enhance the way we live.

Panasonic Beta is an innovation center based in Silicon Valley, committed to improving the environments where people live, work and travel. Originators of the HomeX project, we use a cross-collaborative approach to connect the technologies that facilitate daily life and improve them through more human centered design.

Life re-imagined through breakthrough technology

The Panasonic Beta Innovation Center is driven by a collective of multidisciplinary experts – software engineers, data scientists, and other forward-thinking technologists – who collaborate with our home electronics and appliance division to ideate, design and bring to market new home, mobility and energy products and solutions.

Cross-value innovation and human-centric design

One such innovation is HomeX. The smart home ecosystem enables appliances and devices to not only speak to each other but work together to better meet people’s wants and needs, from room lighting that gently wakes you, or playing your favorite song, to a refrigerator that suggests recipes based on your leftovers. 

JELO is another example of innovation we are building at Panasonic Beta. Our team developed the universal design platform to enable faster and easier product development by giving employees access to cutting edge design, coding and communication tools.

View our panels on creating a culture of innovation

At the Panasonic Beta CES stage, look for our panel experts, who are sharing ideas on designing differently, concepts such as rapid mass production prototyping and other ways to deliver cross-value innovation.