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LUMIX S Series: Full Frame Mirrorless Camera


LUMIX S Series: Full Frame Mirrorless Camera


LUMIX changes photography again with the introduction of the LUMIX S1R and the S1 cameras

The new LUMIX S Series encompasses the world's first full-frame mirrorless cameras to support 4K 60p video recording and use Leica’s L-Mount lenses or any other lenses that meet the L-Mount specifications. The cameras are designed as user-friendly and robust tools for professional photographers or videographers. Panasonic aims to release them globally in early 2019.

The concept of ‘Fuel the Photographers' creative vision’ with a focus on expressive capabilities for photos and videos inspired Panasonic as it developed two models of its first Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera with a 35 mm full-frame image sensor, the LUMIX S1R and the S1. These models are equipped with the world's first* 4K 60p video recording function and dual I.S. image stabilization system. They also incorporate an array of Panasonic technology, such as refined image and signal processing, and optical and heat dispersion advancements, refined over a century in electronics and a decade developing Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras.

Enhancing Expressiveness 

Key features of the LUMIX S1R and the S1 include the newly-developed 35 mm full-frame image sensor and image processing engine. The dual I.S. enables hand-held shots for dark or distant scenes that would previously have required a tripod or other equipment. Our new HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) Photo delivers extraordinary light-dark contrast and rich color gradation for exceptional still imagery. A double slot for XQD memory cards and SD memory cards is a first for Panasonic, while an easy-to-use but rugged tri-axial tilt LCD is a boon to both professional photographers and videographers. 

At CES, visitors can see the cameras prior to their global market release. Panasonic is also displaying a splendid print--16 feet long by 4 feet high—and other images by Lumix Ambassadors displayed on a 65” OLED TV.



* For a Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera, as of Sept., 2016 (Panasonic survey).


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