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Human Characteristic Sensing


Human Characteristic Sensing


Panasonic’s human characteristic sensing technology can help to make smart homes more intuitive and engaging.

Panasonic’s facial recognition and sensor tech can show heart rate, age and other indicators. It is non-invasive and doesn’t require use of a wearable device. It has potential applications in smart homes.

While law enforcement and government have been using facial recognition and sensor tech for years, developments now promise to deliver new health, comfort and other benefits to homeowners.

Panasonic’s human characteristic sensing technology is a combination of many advancements including imaging and image processing technology. For example, our technology is able to determine a person’s facial characteristics with 99% accuracy. The determination is made in 0.2 seconds—faster than the blink of an eye. Additionally, the system is able to precisely determine age and gender, as well as heart rate. This information can be used by operators or automated systems to make recommendations to improve an individual’s experience at home, in their place of business or in public spaces. Depending on requirements, the user has the ability to pre-register people in a database for easy recognition.

At the CES booth, visitors can learn about how this technology works through a mirror with sensing capabilities, linked to a bio readout that will deliver info on age, gender and heart rate.