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Enhancing the Passenger Experience


Enhancing the Passenger Experience


Wellness is the latest solution category launched on Panasonic's NEXT platform, developed to improve passenger health, comfort, and overall well-being inflight.

The power behind the Wellness suite is Panasonic’s NEXT Cloud, the commercial aviation industry’s first data centric cloud platform. NEXT Cloud provides a platform for enterprise data to be managed more efficiently, allows for rapid development and deployment of applications and delivers actionable insights.

Travel can leave many passengers exhausted and fatigued. Additionally, conditions unique to air travel, such as lighting, aircraft ambient noise, and air quality can compound passengers’ perceived discomfort. The Wellness suite is designed to address human senses, and is a seamless and natural set of enhancements to the passenger experience. Wellness creates a journey that is in line with the lifestyles of airline passengers—mindful of their physical and mental well being.

The Wellness suite is a collection of unique hardware, digital services and content, designed to enhance the passenger’s travel experience. Powered by NEXT Cloud, the industry’s first data centric cloud infrastructure, the platform supports an entire ecosystem of solutions.

Wellness travel experience

On display at CES: a customized aircraft seat module equipped with the Wellness suite, powered by the NEXT Cloud Platform.  The Wellness solution suite is a natural set of enhancements designed to enhance the travel experience.  The nanoeTM Air Cleanser, eliminates odors and improves air quality around the passenger with ultrafine, electrified water nanoparticles – 15,000 times finer than the width of a human hair. Passengers are more comfortable while resting with headphone-free Active Noise Control to reduce ambient aircraft noise. Premium Seat Lighting provides a more luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, along with customized lights to enhance meal presentation and reduce eye strain while reading. Additionally, light therapy is used to help passengers adjust their body clock to changes of multiple time zones and fall asleep faster for more restful sleep.