CIRRUS by Panasonic Intelligent Transportation Solution


CIRRUS by Panasonic Intelligent Transportation Solution 


Coming soon to a roadway near you, cars will talk to each other and the road, automatically, making people safer and roads less congested.

CIRRUS by Panasonic is the Intelligent Transportation Solution that helps roadway operators harness and react to the immense amounts of data generated by V2X every second. Scalable, connected and secure, CIRRUS by Panasonic is driving a revolution in roadway safety and efficiency.

A look inside V2X

CIRRUS by Panasonic is a connected traffic management center solution designed for smart cities and transportation agencies to leverage the transformative benefits of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology. Working as a technology-agnostic integrator, Panasonic provides an open development data-sharing platform that uses sensors, cameras, IoT and edge analytics, facilitating deployment of connected vehicle and road tech.

Building on a program with the Colorado Dept. of Transportation (CDOT), the first real-world deployment of an Intelligent Transportation ecosystem is underway on a stretch of I-70, where Coloradans face curvy, steep climbs, often extreme weather and congestion. In this phase of the project, CIRRUS by Panasonic technology is being integrated into 100 CDOT vehicles, equipping road managers with data sharing capability expected to reduce accidents and fatalities while improving roadway efficiency as much as 400%. The same benefits are anticipated as it is rolled out broadly. CIRRUS by Panasonic solution allows DOTs to gain new situational awareness, and share critical info on conditions, weather and other hazards – directly with vehicles and individuals.

Denver’s real-time feed
On display: a replica of the network operations center in Denver, demonstrating the real-time information and video data CDOT manages and processes. The agency projects that a statewide V2X system will generate more than 2 billion safety messages per hour from vehicles – about 70 times the amount of tweets handled per hour by Twitter!

Building the data ecosystem

CIRRUS by Panasonic is a software-as-a-service product that is accessible, connected and secure. It was developed using industry V2X standards and supports integration to existing systems. A V2X system is made up of onboard equipment that transmits and receives data between vehicles and infrastructure, roadside equipment that transmits and receives data to and from vehicles, and the CIRRUS by Panasonic V2X Data Ecosystem which is needed to manage the data, functionality, capabilities and applications to make V2X technology actionable. Collaborating with CDOT, Panasonic has developed a phased approach to allow transportation agencies to deploy this solution at scale. It’s not just a system for main highways and thoroughfares, but for all roads and arteries throughout an entire state or region.

Inside V2X inner workings

CIRRUS by Panasonic foundation is an IoT API layer that enables the transportation industry to use V2X as a data source for sensing roadway conditions in real-time and send this data to the cloud for instantaneous analysis. Historically, there have been a range of disparate technologies to support traffic management and information systems, but V2X presents an opportunity to use a new, standardized data source, so various sub-systems – vehicles, infrastructure, DOTs – can all talk the same language and share information. CIRRUS by Panasonic solution features Edge Analytics capabilities, enabling DOTs to immediately take action on critical roadway conditions sensed on site. CIRRUS by Panasonic is designed as an open access ecosystem, enabling transportation agencies to partner with third-party vendors to develop new applications, spurring innovation in road safety, operations and maintenance.

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