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Mechanical Pulse Tools – Accuracy & Repeatability

Shut-Off Tools Deliver Torque Accuracy

Mechanical Pulse Tools

Mechanical pulse tools have an on board cpu which monitors the tool during the rundown and determines the output torque using an algorithm. The tools can be setup for an application using one of the sixty unique torque controlled algorithms.

Torque Control Mechanism

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  • The on board CPU monitors two sensors (rotor angle sensor and pulse monitoring sensor) detecting the change in motor speed and rpm between pulses determining the flush point.
  • The CPU then switches to a torque calculation mode using a Panasonic patented algorithm to achieve an accurate and repeatable final torque.


Flush Point Detection

60 unique torque controlled algorithms

30 stages in L1 mode - 30 stages in L2 mode


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Maintains Torque

Panasonic tools maintain torque as the battery power drops.


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