Toughbook Manufacturing Solutions

No hard hat required

Toughbook Manufacturing Solutions

Toughbook laptops, tablets and handhelds work harder and longer in the most challenging conditions, including the manufacturing floor. Designed and tested to meet strict industrial performance requirements and safety regulations, Toughbook mobile computers presents a fearless way to get the job done on the assembly line or in the plant. Flexible form factors, durable, lightweight design and secure wireless connectivity ensures maximum efficiency and productivity by keeping the back office, warehouse, engineers and field workers connected and effective —no matter the task, or where their day takes them.

Built to perform in the plant or factory

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Toughbook devices feature daylight-readable, high-sensitivity touch screens that are responsive even when wearing heavy gloves, providing easy access to information, orders and instructions. With the ability to run reports, re-route materials, track work orders and more even in the harshest weather and heavy industrial environments — with minimal downtime and at a low cost of ownership—Toughbook delivers flawless performance your workers can rely on.