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LUMIX stories showcasing broadcast and cinema productions

LUMIX Box Camera


User stories that showcase the art and versatility of Panasonic LUMIX cameras


For every type of production, there's a LUMIX camera to match. For cinematographers who need shallow depth of field and wide dynamic range, our S Series of full-frame cameras deliver beautiful cinematic images, even in low light. For indie and documentary filmmakers, our compact and lightweight G Series Micro Four Thirds cameras with advanced image stabilization are ideal for run-and-gun production. For multicam broadcasts or livestreams, our new box-style cameras with expanded I/O offer unprecedented versatility and control. Also, with a full range of LUMIX prime and zoom lenses to choose from, any shot can be achieved.


Achieve a cinematic look for multicam broadcast and livestreams
HC-X2 camcorder in foreground

Catch Magazine's Todd Moen captures the natural beauty of fly-fishing with the new Panasonic HC-X2 camcorder

View Details. Catch Magazine's Todd Moen and the Panasonic HC-X2 camcorder
DP on right hand side mounting BGH1 camera on Datavideo PTR-10 head

"Smosh: Under the Influence" uses 13 LUMIX GH5M2 and two BGH1 cameras for live sketch comedy show.

Read more. Smosh employs LUMIX cameras used for livestream
BGH1 in church

Social180Group’s John Porterfield talks church livestreaming and integrating the LUMIX BGH1 box-style camera.

Read more. Church livestreaming with the BGH1
Goose performing live on stage with colorful lighting effects

American jam band Goose had to get creative to perform live for their fans during the pandemic. Learn how they enhanced the live experience for their "stay-at-home" fans by teaming with Indianapolis-based Goedde Sound & Light to produce livestream shows with the LUMIX BGH1.

Read more. BGH1: On Tour with goose
BS1H on left captures a classical guitarist performance on a small stage

Northshore Media Productions employs BS1H for livestreaming projects

Read more. BS1H: Going Live
Inside the Milk Street studio in Boston, MA

DGA Productions uses LUMIX cameras to capture cinematic culinary show "Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street"

Read more. Creating A Visual Feast
Inside Springbok Entertainment's volumetric studio with LUMIX BGH1 box-style cameras

Springbok Entertainment uses LUMIX BGH1 cameras to create immersive AR/VR stories.

Read more. Creating a Volumetric Studio
Filming the Cold War Kids in concert

See how the BGH1 box camera was used during the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a six-camera live concert presentation featuring the band Cold War Kids.

Read more. Multicamera concert with the LUMIX BGH1
Canon Cine-Servo 18-80mm lens mounted to a BGH1

With the BGH1 box camera being used as a remote camera for live event productions, we get many requests for top-grade Servo lens support. In this article, we will show you how the BGH1 integrates with Canon Cinema EOS Compact Servo Lenses.

Read more. Using Canon Cinema EOS Compact-Servo lenses with the LUMIX BGH1


Capture wide dynamic range, accurate color reproduction, and high resolution formats for film, television, documentary projects
GH5 camera capturing a scene with a Blackmagic Video Assist display

Filmmaker Andrew Simonian and DP Garen Mirzaian shoot and distribute micro budget indie "The Take Out Move" with the LUMIX GH5

Read more. Producing a feature film for $3,500
Close up shot of Jacksepticeye face

Jacksepticeye, aka Seán McLoughlin, puts his artistic stamp on life during lockdown to inspire his 27+ million YouTube followers

Read more. S1H: 15 MONTHS
Andrew Rizer captures a shot of artist Nick Kuchar who is working at his computer

Filmmaker Andrew Rizer creates an intimate portrait film with the S1H and its unique anamorphic features

Read more. S1H: Capturing Paradise
DP Carissa Dorson operates a BS1H on a DJI Ronin S2 gimbal

See how cinematographer Carissa Dorson creates dazzling short film, "Night Lights," with box-style BS1H cinema camera

Read more. Cinema in a box
Actress Adèle Exarchopoulos looking screen right at sunset

DP Olivier Boonjing shoots 2021 Cannes Film Festival award-winning feature "Zero F**ks Given" with LUMIX S1H cameras and medium format lenses.

Read more. S1H: Going Beyond Full-Frame
Johnny Derango shooting handheld with the GH5 II in front of Notre Dame University

Cinematographer and executive producer Johnny Derango shoots a commercial with the LUMIX GH5 II.

Read more. A One-Man Band
Kyle Head sets up an interview shot with his S1H on a slider

During the pandemic, Nomad Media adapts to a new landscape with S1 and EVA1 cinema cameras

Read more. Filmmaker Profile: Kyle Head
Crewmember sets up a BGH1 on a camera tray on a police car

See how the ABC TV drama “The Rookie” is using the LUMIX BGH1 to reduce production time, lower costs, and make setup simpler without sacrificing image quality

Read more. BGH1 on Set: ABC Drama “The Rookie”
Three BGH1s in an array on a rig

See how the BGH1 is being used in a camera array to save money, time, and complexity for cinema production

Read more. Shooting plates with LUMIX BGH1
Two examples of S Series lenses on gimbals

The LUMIX S Series lenses are more than just photo lenses - they're cinema and video powerhouses.

Read more. S Series Lenses - Optimized for video