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InfoComm 2019: Engagement Solutions


Capture your customers attention and don't let go

A 2015 study from Microsoft found that the average consumer's attention span is only 8 seconds, one less than that of a goldfish. Retailers, educational institutions, museums and businesses need to make sure their message is seen by the right audience and not worry about their message going down. While content may be king, it is paramount that the focus stays the content, not on servicing the technology showcasing it. With a combination of software, hardware and service offerings, we can create a tailored solution for what ever your engagement needs may be.

Engagement technology workflow designed to reduce rework and lost time

Visual technology enables you to showcase amazing works of art and messages to your audience, if the technology goes down so does the visual. With software ranging from Multi Monitoring and Control Software, which supports remote control, monitoring, and live status reporting for up to 2,048 projectors or displays connected to the intranet, to Connect Management Software, enabling easy management and schedule of content for digital signage, make sure your content is always up and running.

Digital displays for every installation

As content becomes richer and more immersive Panasonic displays have the features and functionality to meet your needs. We are excited to announce at InfoComm this year is our New CQ1 Series displays featuring a built-in tuner designed for simple signage applications and sports bar settings. With the SQ1 series we are redefining the Visual IoT Experience based on Intel Smart Display Module. Intel SDM enables the SQ1 series to become a solution within itself.

Projecting a new reality

See for your self how Panasonic projection technology can make your message shine brighter and last longer. With a laser lineup ranging from 1,000 - 50,000 lumens, now featuring 4K projection from 10,000 - 50,000 lumens. Don't miss out on seeing the PT-RQ50K in action for the first time on the show floor at Booth 1300.

Riding the line between digital and in-person

With a user base of 180,000 who can access thousands of on-demand classes from the comfort of their homes, Peloton keeps its users connected by live streaming 80+ weekly cycle classes captured with Panasonic AW-HE130 HD PTZs.