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Wireless Networking

Setting a higher standard in high-density WiFi

Tens of thousands of fans competing for precious bandwidth? No problem. Our WiFi scales to deliver the ultimate connectivity in stadiums, arenas, outdoor events, convention centers, even smart cities.

The know-how to build crowd-pleasing WiFi wherever you need it

What’s nearly as frustrating as no WiFi? A slow signal that hangs up downloads, streams, posts and financial transactions. Fortunately, we’ve built a revolutionary suite of high-density network solutions to keep fans and event attendees as connected as they want to be.

Getting out of the lab and into the real world

To create arena and stadium WiFi that stays well ahead of consumer needs, we took engineers out of the lab and toured venues of all shapes and sizes. We measured WiFi performance everywhere we went. Our goal was simple – understand the problem, then design the fastest, most reliable, most cost-effective high-density WiFi system possible.

And did we ever. Our ultra-high-density solution provides:

  • 5 times the throughput, giving fans superior WiFi performance
  • 5 times the distance from access point (AP) to client up to 150 feet, which means fewer devices needed, shorter installation and easier maintenance for lower total cost of ownership
  • 13 times as many simultaneous engagements per access point
75% fewer access points needed with our high-density Wi-Fi

The most intense competition in the stadium…

It’s not the head-to-head action on the field, it’s the battle for bandwidth in open-air seating, where outside interference, game operations and broadcast systems compete for signal space. To maintain the flow of data to fans’ devices, we’ve created a system of high-density APs that provide maximum bandwidth efficiency.

The robust infrastructure we’ve installed at Lincoln Financial Field, for example, has given the Philadelphia Eagles the first ultra-high density network in the NFL. As a result, the team can support the needs of nearly 70,000 fans as they capture, share, connect and build on their game experiences, simultaneously.

“With Panasonic WiFi, Lincoln Financial Field observed over three terabytes of data transferred, a new record for the stadium.”
John Pawling CTO and VP of Information Technology, Philadelphia Eagles

High density WiFi built for the great outdoors

Rain or shine, the show must go on at outdoor festivals. That’s why we build network equipment with fully integrated internally-mounted antenna systems – and no external antennas or cumbersome cabling that would be susceptible to the elements.

Ceiling height – a physical constraint overcome

For convention center attendees, reliable, fast WiFi connectivity is an absolute necessity. But in large facilities, ceiling heights are far greater than the effective distance of most manufacturers’ access points. So we built a better access point, one that can be mounted on the highest ceilings and still give amazing coverage and throughput.

Combined with our high-density WiFi, our comprehensive data gathering and analytics platform lets you identify and influence customer purchasing opportunities on the fly to maximize your revenue.

In an industry where connectivity is the lifeblood of fan and event engagement, we’re continually raising the bar higher. Better connections, faster data transfer, and lower cost – that’s how we’re enabling a truly wireless world.