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Each day comes with its own set of challenges and every day you show up with resilience and unwavering determination. It’s our honor to show up for you by creating mobile solutions that help you take on whatever the day throws at you—solutions that are as tough as you are.


In the race to get your products delivered on time, you need to account for every bag, box, carton and crate with carefully coordinated shipment logistics. Panasonic Connect purpose-built mobile solutions give you real-time data to ensure that drivers, vehicles and freight arrive safely and securely.

icon track shipments

Customers need shipment tracking. Giving them up-to-date arrival information requires checking shipments every time they’re loaded and unloaded onto long-haul trailers, at transit hubs and into last-mile delivery trucks.

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icon manage inventory

Inventory impacts the bottom line. Access to real-time data on stock levels helps workers meet the needs of customers, keep inventory safe and secure, and minimize the costs associated with holding inventory.

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icon operate optimally

Inefficiency kills operating margins. Accessing made-to-order transportation and logistics software to enable route optimization, digital shipment tracking, electronic proof of delivery, and vehicle and driver performance helps lower costs.

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toughbook a3 tablet

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 is a rugged Android™ 10.1" tablet that has the flexibility to be used in all markets and is purpose built to get more out your day. Optional: integrated barcode reader and insertable smart card reader.

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toughbook n1 tactical handheld

This Android® handheld features an angled, rear-facing barcode scanner, a camera, and video and speech-to-text features. The rain-sensing, glove-touch 4.7” screen and dual noise- and echo-cancelling 100-decibel speakers are essential for rugged, noisy warehouses and truck terminals.

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Panasonic TOUGHBOOK G2 Hero

A groundbreaking modular device with a 2-in-1 design and three expansion areas that offer 36 different configurations. Features a 10.1” Windows® tablet, biometric user authentication, an 18.5-hour battery and backwards compatibility with most docks.

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Rugged Mobility for Business

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