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The future of transportation starts here

From connected vehicles to intelligent roadways, we’re reimagining how people move through their world.

Smart cities require smart transportation technology

For smart cities to live up to their potential for enhanced safety, sustainability and quality of life, we’ll need game-changing solutions to today’s mobility challenges. These solutions – whether public or private, autonomous or piloted by humans, electric or not – will have to function together in harmony. That’s giving city planners, industrial leaders and other stakeholders a lot to think about. Fortunately, Panasonic is at the forefront of this transformation and ready to help navigate the many possibilities. See how we’re taking the lead in modernizing today’s vehicles and roadways.


Why Panasonic

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Learn more about our disruptive technologies for Smart Mobility

How will people move through the world in the future? What are the implications for transportation systems as well as urban planning? Find out more in our five-minute eBook.

connected vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles arriving

Technology moves fast. Transportation experiences that might have seemed unimaginable just a few years ago are now widely anticipated. To deliver on our vision for connected vehicles, we’re leveraging numerous solutions including:

As vehicles evolve to become autonomous, drivers and passengers will be free to spend more quality time inside. We’ll help them make the most of it with living space cabins personalized to their needs.


The first production-grade intelligent highway system

To enable an autonomous driving future, connected vehicles need the ability to interact with intelligent roadways. Building on our pioneering work in Colorado, we’ve developed the industry’s leading software platform to make it happen: CIRRUS by Panasonic.

An alternative to upgrading physical infrastructure, CIRRUS by Panasonic uses digital technology and data sharing to handle the challenges of increasing traffic volume more efficiently. It’s estimated that deploying connected vehicle technology at scale could reduce travel times by 42%, potentially eliminate up to 80% of vehicle crashes and increase vehicle capacity on existing roads by four-fold.

carbon energy free society

Creating a better world

Innovations in transportation technology advance our society. Through our robust investment in solutions such as intelligent roadways, EV batteries and autonomous vehicles, Panasonic is helping to move us closer to a carbon energy-free society. In addition, our solutions will enable people to navigate the world far more easily and safely.

80% market share for electric vehicle batteries in the U.S.
emerging smart mobility market

Leading the emerging smart mobility market

Creating the scale of change needed to transform our world goes beyond siloed product innovation. So we focus on a holistic approach that includes three core practices: platforms, personalization and partnerships. We see this collaborative ecosystem as the foundation for meeting intelligent transportation goals. Learn more about the progress we’ve already made, and the plans we have for tomorrow.

ev battery leader

Electric vehicle innovation

By 2022, electric vehicles will cost the same as their internal combustion counterparts, creating a tipping point. Our strategic partnerships in this areas have already established us as the EV-battery market leader. Together with Tesla, we opened the Gigafactory, representing more than a billion-dollar investment from Panasonic. And we’ve created a joint venture with Toyota developing automotive prismatic lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries and next-generation batteries.

Up to 80% fewer non-impaired, multi-vehicle crashes with connected vehicle technology