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Industry Report: Indoor Air Quality

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Industry Report: How Healthy is My Home?

See how homeowners and builders perceive indoor air quality and why the potential for IAQ solutions is so great.

Do homeowners care about their indoor air?

The answer is clear: when homeowners know more about indoor air quality (IAQ), they care. That means builders have a prime opportunity to educate homeowners about the health risks of poor air quality – and the solutions that can prevent it. After we shared the latest science on IAQ with 600 homeowners and 150 industry professionals, perceptions shifted greatly:

  • 3X as many homeowners believed the air in their homes was unhealthy
  • 95% of homeowners considered IAQ to be a more important priority
  • Building professionals were more likely to recommend IAQ solutions and homeowners more likely to purchase them

Discover which health risks were most motivating to the homeowners in our study and which IAQ solutions attracted the most interest.

Get the details in our full report. 

Video: What's Health Got to Do With It? Homebuyers, Health and Indoor Air Quality

Get insights from our research on changing attitudes about Indoor Air Quality. Watch our exclusive Tech Talk from CES 2022.

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