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Hospitality, Assisted Living, Student Housing

Low Cost, Whole House Ventilation Solution


Your property has a lot of bathrooms, and the people who use them tend to either not turn the fan off or not turn it on at all. This means moisture problems, high energy bills, and maintenance for you.

Installing a high performing ventilation fans, along with a wall control can help take these moisture, maintenance, and energy problems out of your customers’ hands and put them under your control.

Humidity, condensation, and motion sensors combine to add flexibility to distributed ventilation designs. This means that you can calibrate the controls to meet the needs of each room and unit efficiently.

Four great fan choices for Hospitality, Student Housing and Assisted Living:

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WhisperGreen Select™ is a customizable solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification, and healthy indoor environments.

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WhisperSense™ is ideal for hospitality-type construction projects — new, remodel, or retrofit. The fans feature exclusive dual sensor technology with both motion and humidity sensors for ultimate control. Learn More

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WhisperFit™ EZ low profile fans are an affordable, quiet, energy efficient choice for remodeling/renovations projects. Learn More

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WhisperWarm™ is the ideal luxury solution for residential bathrooms adding warmth to chilly mornings providing extra comfort to your residents. Learn More

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Whisper Control Condensation Sensor Plus allows you and your customers to take control of their bathroom with built-in intelligence and automatic adaptability that helps save energy while working to keep the bathroom air clean, dry, and healthy.