Toughbook Hospitality Solutions

Transform your guest engagement

From curbside check-in, line busting and amenity booking to real-time housekeeping and maintenance reports, Toughbook rugged laptops, tablets and handhelds help hotels and resorts improve operations, offer more timely service and deliver a better experience that guests will rave about.

Improve operations efficiency and guest service

In today's ultra-competitive hospitality industry, improving customer service and going the extra mile are critical. Delivering experiences that impress guests becomes even more challenging as the next generation of tech-savvy travelers expects higher levels of comfort and satisfaction.

Toughbook provides ultra-mobile and flexible laptop, tablet and handheld solutions that speeds up your operation’s flow of information, services and goods, so you can deliver service that continues to turn visitors into loyal guests.

Get durable, rugged performance with best in class features including:

  • Flexible form-factors ranging from 2-in-1, tablet to handheld devices with voice and barcode readers
  • Enterprise-grade accessories from carrying cases, mounts, mobile printers and keyboards to docks, card readers and charging solutions
  • 4G LTE broadband for fast, reliable connectivity anywhere in the resort
  • Embedded security to protect sensitive data like customer credit information
  • Long battery life