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Go solar with one of America’s most trusted brands

Trust. Built in.

Today’s solar technology is better than ever, and creating and storing clean, affordable energy is a smart move for both you and the planet. Panasonic has powered more than a century of innovations and partners with fully certified solar installers to bring you best-in-class technology and a zero-worry, zero-hassle process.

With Panasonic solar panels and battery storage, you can generate and store clean power for years to come. We’ll help you get started and give you all the information up front, before you commit to your investment. Once you know the details, you’ll see how solar makes sense for you.

Why Panasonic Solar

Panasonic has been designing dependable and durable products for over a century. Our technologies are backed by innovation, experience, and rigorous testing.

  • Products You Can Trust
    Our solar panels are uniquely designed to withstand harsh weather, install with ease, and deliver best-in-class performance.
  • Built to Last
    Panasonic doesn’t just deliver clean power. We deliver peace of mind thanks to lasting performance, reliability you can depend on, and a full system warranty.
  • Great for Earth
    Panasonic’s solar products are made with the world’s well-being in mind: they’re good for you, great for our planet.


Advantages of Solar

If you’re paying too much to power your home, now is a great time to invest in solar with the help of the right installer. The available technology is better than ever, and creating clean, affordable energy is a smart move for both you and the planet.

  • Produce clean energy with zero emissions
  • Decrease your household’s carbon footprint
  • Save money for years to come
  • Increase your independence from the grid
  • Protect your property value with a popular solar upgrade