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Range Hood Pressure Sensor


Product details

Unique low cost kitchen range hood pressure sensor works exclusively with the SelectCycler System to solve depressurization issues by allowing make up air to enter as soon as the range hood is turned on.

Key features

  • Max Operating Pressure –10kPa
  • Pressure Range: 20 – 200 Pa +/–15%
  • Operating Temperature: –40°C to 85°C
  • Electrical Rating: 1.5A (1.4A) / 250V
  • Mounting: Diaphragm in any vertical plane

SelectCycler™ Whole House Ventilation System




  • Kitchen Range Hood comes on creating positive pressure in range hood exhaust duct
  • Range Hood pressure switch senses positive pressure from pressure tap and closes, sending power to damper to open
  • Supply Damper opens; negative air pressure in the house brings in fresh air from outside to the HVAC/AHU return plenum