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WhisperLine® Remote Mount In-Line Fan 240 CFM


Product details

WhisperLine 240 CFM remote mount in-line fan for single or multiple inlets. Insulated housing prevents condensation and noise; tapered 6” duct adapter provides easy connection. Features five positions for installation. Joist or truss attachment brackets and suspension brackets included. Can be used to comply with the latest codes and standards.

Key features

  • Remote mount in-line fan for single or multiple inlets
  • Insulated housing to prevent condensation and noise
  • Tapered duct adapter for easy connection
  • Five positions for installation
  • Joist or truss attachment brackets included

Specification Description
Advanced Features Single Speed
Air Volume Exhaust (CFM) 240 @ 0.2" SP, 225 @ 0.3" SP, 200 @ 0.4" SP
Master Carton Dimensions (HxWxD) 14-11/16 x 20-3/8 x 11-3/8
CFM Greater than 150
Other Approved Codes and Standards ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, California Title 24, Washington VIAQ
Construction Type Single Family/Manufactured Housing. Renovation/Remodeling.
Current (Amps) 0.46A
Ventilation Design Approach Spot Ventilation. Continuous Ventilation.
Duct Diameter 6"
Energy Efficiency (CFM/Watt) 4.1 CFM/W
ENERGY STAR® Certified Yes
Fan Type Fan Only
Industry Residential. Light Commercial.
Motor Type (AC/DC) AC
Mounting Options Ceiling Mount
Power Consumption (Watts) 240 @ 0.2" SP = 55.5W, 225 @ 0.3" SP = 53.5W, 200 @ 0.4" SP = 51.1W
Power Rating (V/Hz) 120/60
Product Family Name WhisperLine
Radiation Damper Available No
Warranty 3 Year on Parts
Master Carton Gross Weight (lbs.) 19.1

WhisperLine 240 CFM, Remote Mount, In Line Ventilation Solution

Panasonic WhisperLine™ fans are designed for multiple-task ventilation. Now you can ventilate multiple areas or multiple rooms with just one fan. Provides an effective way to remotely mount a fan and run single or multiple inlets for over-the-shower, tub, toilet and/or vanity in a single bathroom. Features a blower wheel designed to draw air in both sides, allowing more area for air to enter the wheel. This versatile ventilation fan can be installed in five different positions with the included joist, truss and suspension brackets.

Multitasking Ventilation Fan

This remote-mounted fan can exhaust stale, humid or contaminated air from multiple points of a room or multiple rooms. Place inlets over the shower, tub, toilet and vanity in a single bathroom, or in a bathroom, laundry, and craft room to exhaust with a single remote-mounted WhisperLine fan.

Fine-Tune the Airflow for Each Inlet

Low profile grilles are adjustable so you can balance airflow between the nearest and furthest inlets to create even circulation.

Installation Flexibility

This in-line fan can be installed in five different positions between joists and trusses. Additional suspension brackets simplify installation.

ENERGY STAR® Certified for Energy Savings

ENERGY STAR® certified vent fans meet strict parameters set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Panasonic ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR® certified where guidelines exist, and provide greater efficiency and comfort with less noise. High performing motors and improved blade design deliver superior performance and long life you expect from a premium Panasonic ventilation fan.