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Condensation Sensor Plus, On|Off|Light, Wht


Product details

Condensation Sensor Plus On/Off/Light fan control features intelligent sensor technology that monitors humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically operating the fan to control moisture. Advanced, easy-to-use features include a Moisture Sensitivity Selector and an Adjustable Minutes Per Hour(MPH) fan timer for ASHRAE 62.2 compliance.

Key features

  • Intelligent, advanced sensor technology monitors humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point
  • Automatically operates fan and light, on/off, to control moisture
  • Optional moisture sensitivity selector allows fine tuning for dry or moist environments and seasons
  • Minutes per hour fan timer ensures consistent ventilation throughout day for ASHRAE 62.2 compliance
  • Automatic fan control w/30-minute countdown timer initiates after moisture returns to normal levels

Specification Description
Amperage 15A
Master Carton Dimensions (HxWxD) 10-1/2" x 6" x 5-1/2"
Controls Humidity Control. Ventilation Control
Dry Contact Switching 24V AC Input/Output
Features Blue LED
Ground Grounding
Maximum Fan Load 8A
Maximum Fluorescent Light Load 400W
Voltage 120V
Master Carton Gross Weight (lbs.) 0.5
Wiring Use #14 or #12

Condensation Sensor Plus FV-WCCS2-W Dew Point Sensing, On/Off/Light Wall Control, White Wall Plate Included

The Condensation Sensor Plus is the next generation in moisture control and healthy indoor air technology. Condensation Sensor Plus works with any single speed vent fan, automatically turning the fan ‘on’ before condensation forms, and off when the room returns to the optimum dryness level. Unlike competitive units that only monitor humidity levels, the Condensation Sensor Plus features advanced, built-in intelligence that monitors both temperature and humidity — actually anticipating the dew point — making it the most effective, proactive solution on the market. Additional features include a blue LED light to indicate when the fan is on and a matching wall plate for a decora style design. Can be used to comply with ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, CALGreen and ENERGY STAR® 3.0

Dual Sensing Moisture Control Technology

Automatically turns on exhaust fan to control moisture. Intelligent and advanced patent pending sensor technology monitors humidity and temperature for superior accuracy. Fan automatically turns off when the optimum dryness level is met, in all climate zones and for all seasons.

Moisture Sensitivity Selector

Adjust the unit’s sensitivity based on your regional climate, the size of your bathroom and your preferred dryness level. The Moisture Sensitivity Selector tracks temperature and humidity over several weeks to determine the level of dryness your room needs to return to. When the Condensation Sensor Plus turns on, the room will be dried out to the level that was averaged over this period of time. It is not affected by daily or seasonal changes in your room’s climate so you can set it once and forget it.

Adjustable Minutes Per Hour (MPH) Fan Timer

Automatically turns the fan On for a set amount of time every hour (0-60 mins.) for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2. The MPH fan timer provides constant and controlled ventilation every hour, and will credit any manual use time to the next hour's operation (up to 3 hours ahead). This credit for manual use saves energy by conserving heated or cooled air.

Manual On/Off Control

Simply push the switch for manual fan operation and if you've turned your fan off before the room has been adequately cleared of moisture, the Condensation Sensor Plus overrides the operation to ensure your exhaust fan removes the moist air.

Delay Timer

A 20 minute countdown timer initiates once the fan is manually turned on. During automatic operation, a 30 minute countdown timer initiates after moisture levels in the room return to a normal range.

Commercial Grade 8 Amp Max Load

Tough and rugged, with a max load capacity of 8 amps, the Condensation Sensor Plus is engineered to efficiently control current LED lighting and DC motor loads. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty *.

* One year additional fan warranty available when a Panasonic WhisperCeiling/Lite, WhisperValue or WhisperFit/Lite fan is controlled by the Condensation Sensor Plus.