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WhisperHood IAQ™ 36” Ceiling Mount Range Hood


Product details

Consists of two parts which must be ordered together:

FV-36RBQL1HD - Ceiling Mount Hood Assembly

FV-36RBQL1MT - Ceiling Mount Motor

WhisperHood IAQ™ ceiling mount range hood offers healthy air and healthy living in a finely appointed design that accentuates the finest kitchens. High-velocity capture efficiency at 390 CFM draws and eliminates contaminated air from the source without disturbing your dinner conversation. Superior ventilation dressed in fine stainless steel brings power and elegance together to expand your design options and assure healthy indoor air quality.   

Key features

  • 36” ceiling mount range hood with sleek stainless accents unobtrusively delivers high efficiency exhaust venting to any kitchen
  • High-velocity capture efficiency at a powerful 390 CFM eliminates undesirable air at the source; no need for make-up air
  • Choose from five (5) power settings for high-efficiency exhaust and quiet operation
  • LED lighting provides beautiful energy-efficient illumination
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe metallic grease filter helps keep chimney clear of debris for continuous, safe operation

Create a healthy lifestyle, in style

Not only is the kitchen the busiest room in the home, it usually contains the poorest air quality. WhisperHood IAQ™ ceiling mount range hood combines contemporary crafting technology and exceptional capture efficiency to collect, draw, and exhaust contaminants from the cooking area.

High-velocity capture efficiency plate

According to the International Journal on Architectural Science2, capture efficiency is one of the most important performance measures of a kitchen range hood. That’s where WhisperHood IAQ outperforms the others. An innovative capture efficiency plate draws and eliminates smoke, odors, heat and other contaminated air at the source while protecting fixtures, cabinetry, and your family’s lungs.

High-velocity capture efficiency at a powerful 390 CFM exhausts harmful pollutants and cooking vapors out of the home with no need for make-up air. Its robust capture efficiency assures clean healthy air where you need it most.

Independence from appliance bundles

Who said all appliances in your kitchen should be the same brand? Same-brand bundles are not required and are often undesirable due to inclusion of inferior range hoods. WhisperHood IAQ empowers you to never compromise between aesthetics and performance. This masterful combination of practical functionality and beautiful stainless design complements any appliance package.

Push-button control

WhisperHood IAQ offers some of the most advanced range hood technology available, yet operating it is push-button simple. A 5-button panel enables easy user control of motor on/off, increase/reduce (4) fan speeds, auto off timer, lighting on/off and filter-cleaning alarm settings. Included remote control allows the convenience of all functions from the comfort of your dinner table.

Easy-wash grease filter

A removable dishwasher-safe metal filter helps keep chimney and ducts grease-free and clear of cooking debris for efficient and safe operation. Our high quality metal filter can be easily removed by homeowner and washed when prompted by the onboard filter alarm. Range hood filters should be cleaned regularly so grease build-up doesn’t block airflow.