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Product details

  • Ceiling mount spot purification device utilizes patented nanoe™ X charged water particle generation technology to purify contaminated air
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria, viruses, allergens1 and mold; and breaks down hazardous substances for a healthier home environment2
  • Quietly deodorizes and reduces unwanted smells for a fresher, cleaner indoor environment
  • Ideal for light commercial applications, hotels, educational facilities, elevators, subway cars, restaurants and other public spaces3
  • Maintenance free with no filters to change, no duct work required
  • Great for use in residential settings including living rooms, bedrooms, basements, closets and mud rooms


Key features

  • Energy efficient, space-saving design
  • Stylish paintable low-profile grille blends with any room aesthetics
  • Easily mounts into virtually any ceiling and can use existing wiring4


Check out how WhisperAir Repair helps promote healthier indoor air quality and well-being in every property here

Upgrade Remodel New Construction

Whether updating old ventilation fans, remodeling entire spaces or building new construction, bolster your ventilation strategy with WhisperAir Repair for better indoor air quality and healthier living. WhisperAir Repair makes healthy indoor air and healthy living a breeze.

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Panasonic nanoe™ X is the next generation of our exclusive nanoe™ air purification technology for improved indoor air quality. Nanoe™ X is generated from moisture in the air that contains highly reactive components known as hydroxyl (OH) radicals, which have been proven effective at suppressing airborne pollutants, and odors.

Air Repair
The top advantages of nanoe X purification technology: Deodorizes, moisturizes, and inhibits common pollutants including mold, allergens, pollen, hazardous substances, bacteria and viruses

As people become more aware of how polluted indoor environments affect their personal health, addressing poor indoor air quality is more important than ever. The minimal additional investment in clean air technology and healthy living spaces shows customers you care about their safety.

WhisperAir Repair is an ideal way to spot purify your space during off hours when your HVAC system is not operating; or for use in tight spaces, like conference rooms.

Build your reputation as a business that cares and watch your bottom line grow. WhisperAir Repair helps you promote improved indoor air quality in every property.

EPA Est: 93165-MEX-1 

1 Allergens refers to non living material

2 Tested with mold virus (Bacteriophage Ø X174) showing a 99% inhibition within  8 hours in 883ft3 (25 m3) room. Tested with gram positive bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis) showing a 97% inhibition within 24 hours in a 1728ft3 (49 m3) room.  Tested with mold (Alternaria) showing inhibition within 8 hours in 812ft3 (23 m3) room. Please refer to the Panasonic website for more details:⁄ventfans.

3 Not intended for use in medical facilities.

Refer to local jurisdictions and manufacturer installation guide.