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Mike Holmes

The perfect partnership based on doing the project right. Quality, Trust and Integrity.

Mike Homes

The perfect partnership: Panasonic & Mike Holmes

Panasonic continues to set industry standards with products that improve indoor air quality and help builders deliver healthier homes. 

Mike Holmes’ Make-It-Right philosophy champions a no-nonsense approach to home renovating, which is why he endorses Panasonic ventilation solutions.


erv installation
Mike installs Swidget Smart Controls to work with Intelli-Balance ERV100 in his own home.
The product that makes it right
Michael Holmes describes how Panasonic improves IAQ with energy efficient solutions – Holmes approved.
Mike Holmes
Mike says if you are going to do something , do it right - Holmes approved.
mike holmes
Mike explains why an exhaust fan is needed.
Mike Holmes
Mike explains it’s not difficult but recommends using a licensed electrician.
Mike Holmes
Mike speaks to why everyone should have an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).
Mike Holmes with ERV
Mike Installs the ERV100 and explains why everyone should have an energy recovery ventilator.
vent fan
Mike shows how fast & easy it is to unpack the fan.
Mike describes how Panasonic solutions works with Swidget to detect and remove unhealthy air.
Mike explains why integrating Swidget with Panasonic solutions allows you to set it and forget it - Holmes approved.
Mike advices why every home should have an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) - Holmes approved.
air fan
The Holmes team tells why they love the Whisperair Repair purification device - Holmes approved.


mike holmes
There are many factors that contribute to our overall health. Some of these factors include the air we breathe in our homes. What steps can we take to live a healthier life and improve indoor air quality.
Mike Holmes
To deal with poor indoor air quality, you need to look at Source control, improved ventilation and air cleaners.
If your home can’t properly get rid of excess humidity, it can get inside your walls and lead to problems with mold and rot.
Mike Holmes
We create moisture when we breathe, cook, clean, and bath in our home. This moisture needs to be exhausted out or it will cause poor indoor air quality and lead to issues with mold and rot.
kitchen floor
Kitchens are damp environments with moisture , make sure that moisture can properly except.
Your washer and dryer produce a lot of heat and humidity, and all this warm, humid air needs to be vented outside correctly.
IAQ Blog
What causes bad indoor air and steps you can take to improve indoor air.