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New WhisperWarm DC Promises More

Living room with ventilation

Panasonic’s new WhisperWarm DC promises more strategic, top-to-bottom heating

The latest generation fan/heat solution from Panasonic not only features more powerful heat, but also a unique method of directing it to where it provides the most comfort.

WhisperWarm DC

Panasonic’s new WhisperWarm DC fan/heater combo.

What’s better than a warm bathroom on chilly mornings? Ask Panasonic and they’ll say a warm bathroom that heats your feet as well as your head while delivering code-compliant airflow, even over long and winding duct runs. With their new and improved WhisperWarm DC series ventilation fans, Panasonic says they’ve upped the ante on bathroom comfort. Let’s take a look under the hood…


When Panasonic set out to improve their popular fan/heat combo model, improving the heat source was job one for their engineers. That mission was accomplished by outfitting the fan with an innovative, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater that pumps out a robust 1,600 watts of heat. PTC heaters automatically lower electrical consumption as peak operating temperature approaches—a built-in safety feature. PTC heaters are powerful, heat up quickly and are surprisingly energy efficient.


With a more powerful heater in the bag, the next challenge became how to channel and direct the heat to more strategically warm the bathroom. A common complaint with traditional bathroom fan heaters has always been “Sure, the top of my head is warm, but my feet are freezing!” Or, “it’s warm over there, but not over here where I’m always standing.” That left Panasonic engineers with the task of figuring out how to deliver a more even, vertical-heat column that can be channeled in a particular direction. No easy feat.

The solution was an innovative grille design that includes a built-in diffuser along with adjustable louvers that let users direct the heat flow where it’s needed most—like the area where someone exits the shower or gets out of the tub. Panasonic’s internal testing showed their objective was largely achieved with longer heat throws that achieve higher temperatures farther from the grille compared with previous generation fans. On a

practical level, that means warmer floors and feet and not just heads and shoulders. In assisted-living housing, it can mean adding a touch of comforting warmth to residents in wheelchairs.

Adjustable grille with built-in diffuser increases output velocity while letting you control heat direction.


Packing a powerful heater into WhisperWarm DC doesn’t mean Panasonic cut any corners on the exhaust side. Like other premium Panasonic fans, WhisperWarm DC includes Panasonic’s renowned ECM motor that works with their SmartFlow™ Technology for optimum airflow and powerful CFM output. A Pick-A-Flow™ speed selector lets you customize the airflow by choosing 50, 80 or 110 CFM. WhisperWarm DC, is the only HVI-certified ventilation fans on the market that overcome static pressure at the True Flow rating 0.375-inch level (HVI-certified TrueFlow ratings at 0.375” w.g. while in exhaust only). This results in optimum CFM output that expels unhealthy air and moisture, regardless of complicated duct runs. Panasonic says this ensures installers can more easily meet code and avoid the nightmare scenario of ripping out a newly installed fan that fails inspection.


Panasonic says the muscular airflow capability built into their fans helps installers solve another problem—hitting required airflow numbers when confronted with longer, serpentine duct runs commonly found in multi-family housing. Panasonic’s contractor-friendly ethos extends to installation. WhisperWarm DC has a low profile and includes their acclaimed Flex-Z Fast™ mounting bracket which simplifies installation from below a ceiling. The WhisperWarm DC line includes an LED lighted model with a built-in night light for subtle illumination, ideal for seniors or anyone who doesn’t like feeling their way through the dark.

With more time spent at home, occupants are increasingly willing to spend money outfitting their nest with creature comforts. On cold winter mornings, WhisperWarm DC adds a dash of spa-like pleasure to an ordinary bathroom.

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