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IBS 2024


Join us at the International Builders' Show (IBS)

Feb 27 – Feb 29 Las Vegas Convention Center 

Booth C3315

Panasonic’s mission of providing Healthy Home Building Solutions

Visit Booth C3315 to see what’s new in Panasonic’s portfolio of Code Compliant, Healthy Home Building Solutions.

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Meet the Experts

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes - Tuesday, Feb 27th 11:30am

Mike Holmes, building pro & TV host, is known for his Make it Right® philosophy in building & renovating. Learn why Mike trusts Panasonic products in his builds and in his own home.


Justin Wilson - Wednesday, Feb 28th 11:00am

Justin Wilson, industry expert & authority in building science, brings years of experience in best building practices using a “house as a system” approach to ensure the whole house works in harmony.


Sam Rashkin - Wednesday, Feb 28th 2:00pm

Sam Rashkin, building industry leader (former Chief Architect, DOE and considered the father of EnergyStar) discusses ventilation strategies, building envelope & why it is critical to the housing industry.

4 elements

Four key elements of clean, healthy indoor air quality

  1. Energy Recovery Ventilators
  2. Swidget Smart Controls*
  3. Atmosphere and Inline Fan Solutions
  4. Ventilation & Purification
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Energy Recovery Ventilators

New to our lineup of ERVs are WhisperComfort®60 ERV & hardwire models for balanced ventilation. Versatile ERVs for fresh air all day every day. Check out Panasonic’s cost effective, code compliant and easy to install balanced air solutions

Swidget Family

Swidget™ Smart Controls

Swidget™ Smart Controls detect unhealthy air and automatically control Panasonic ventilation products to remove the unhealthy, contaminated air 24/7. Turn any space into a smart home or office with something as simple as an outlet or a switch. See Swidget’s growing lineup of inserts, including a Motion Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor and Indoor Air Quality Sensors


Atmosphere Dryer Exhaust Solutions & Inline Fans

Taking dryer ventilation to another level by helping clothes dryers overcome high static pressure caused by long duct runs between the dryer and the termination. Panasonic's complete line of Atmosphere Dryer Ventilation Solutions and Atmosphere Inline Fans

Ventilation & Purification

Ventilation & Purification

Code compliant, High-performance exhaust, supply & purification. Our installer-friendly ENERGY STAR® ventilation solutions help you design beyond code without compromising interior aesthetics. Discover Panasonic's line of Vent Fans.

Check out how our new WhisperAir Repair worked to promote fresh smelling rooms for hotel guests by deodorizing strong odors.

*Panasonic is a distributor of Swidget Smart Controls in the US.

*Panasonic is the exclusive distributor of Atmosphere products in the US.