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IBS 2023


International Builders' Show

Join us at the International Builders' Show (IBS) Jan 31 – Feb 2 Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C4519

Meet the Experts

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes - Jan 31 at 10:45am

Mike Holmes, building pro & TV host, is known for his Make it Right® philosophy in building & renovating. Learn why Mike trusts Panasonic products in his builds and in his own home.

Justin Wilson - Feb 1 at 10am

Justin Wilson, industry expert & authority in building science, brings years of experience in best building practices using a “house as a system” approach to ensure the whole house works in harmony.

Sam Rashkin - Feb 1 at 1:30PM

Sam Rashkin, building industry leader (former Chief Architect, DOE and considered the father of EnergyStar) discusses ventilation strategies, building envelope & why it is critical to the housing industry.
4 elements

Four key elements of clean, healthy indoor air quality

  1. Ventilation
  2. Energy Recovery Ventilators
  3. Air Purification
  4. Swidget Smart Controls*
vent fan


With the power of Panasonic IAQ solutions, creating healthy homes is easier than you think. High performance, code-compliant ventilation fans built with power and the ability to move air effectively. ECM motors overcome static pressure for optimum CFM output to expel unhealthy air and moisture. 


Energy Recovery Ventilators

Deliver healthy homes and apartments on every project. Energy recovery ventilators provide balanced ventilation options that remove stale, contaminated indoor air and replace it with fresh filtered air from outdoors for healthy living in every space. Cost effective, code compliant and easy to install.

air purification

Air Purification

Help deodorize and purify contaminated air with the Panasonic WhisperAir Repair air purification device, featuring patented nanoe™ X technology. Whether updating old ventilation fans, remodeling entire spaces or building new construction, bolster your ventilation strategy with ceiling mount spot purification for better indoor air quality and healthier living.

smart controls

Smart Home Automation

Swidget Smart Controls* detect poor indoor air quality and moisture, automatically engaging Panasonic ventilation solutions to remove unhealthy and contaminated air.  Ensures your homes have the  highest quality air around the clock. Monitor. Detect. Auto-activate.


Featured Video

mike holmes
Mike Holmes’ Make-It-Right philosophy champions a no-nonsense approach to home renovating, which is why he endorses Panasonic ventilation solutions.

*Panasonic is the exclusive distributor of Swidget Smart Controls in the US.

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