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Build Healthy

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Build healthy with energy recovery ventilators

The pros of an airtight building envelope outweigh the cons by far, but a home still needs to breathe.

Panasonic energy recovery ventilators breathe fresh air into every tightly built home.

ERV products

Healthy home building with Panasonic Intelli-Balance™

  • The backbone of an effective balanced ventilation strategy & indoor air quality solution
  • Exhausts polluted indoor air and draws in fresh outdoor air in a balanced, controlled ratio
  • Assures continuous healthy indoor air quality and balances air pressure within the home
  • Connects with Swidget Smart Controls to automatically detect and remove contaminated air
  • Suitable for all North American climate zones

Thinking of adding an energy recovery ventilator to your upcoming designs and remodels but aren’t sure where to start? Talk with a Panasonic indoor air quality expert today and get all your questions answered.


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