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VTX Series 8" in. Diameter New

VTX800 / VTX800L

Product details

When these high performance inline duct blowers were conceived, reliability and efficiency were the main goals. Its more powerful motor combined with its aerodynamically designed shape make Vortex Power fans the performance leader in its category.

Panasonic is the exclusive distributor of Atmosphere products in the US

Key features

  • Suggested replacement for WhisperLine
  • 4" to 12" duct diameters
  • From 198 to 1124 CFM
  • Aerodynamic design allowing more air flow
  • 100% speed controllable easing air flow adjustment
  • Prewired with 120V power cord
  • AMCA Air Listed

  • 10-year warranty


Additional Models

VTX400, VTX600, VTX600L, VTX1000, VTX1200, VTX1200L


Typical Residential Applications
Inline fans enhance air quality and reduce point source pollutants in a variety of indoor spaces, such as damp basements, crawl spaces, attics, etc.

Kitchen ventilation
Proper kitchen ventilation is the key to reduce cooking odors, smoke, contaminants and moisture. An inline fan connected to your range hood will increase exhaust performance and ensure clean air in the kitchen area.

Bathroom ventilation
Moisture buildup can create structural damages and cause growth of mold mildew and bacteria. The VTX Series is an efficient and quiet solution for proper bathroom ventilation. Duct boosting Inline Fans are ideal for ventilating a new addition or for improving the efficiency of an existing air system.

Garage ventilation
Inline Fans are ideal for removing harmful car fumes and pollutants.

Dryer booster
Ideal clothing dryer venting arrangements with short duct length are often not possible. An inline vent boosting blower is a common solution to this problem.