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U-120ME2U94 ME2 Series VRF Heat Pump 460V Discontinued


Product details

Panasonic 460 Volts Three Phase Heat Pump Variable Refrigerant flow outdoor unit with Inverter Compressor and Variable Speed Condensing Fan. This product is capable of delivering heating or cooling to multiple zones, delivering excellent levels of comfort and Operational Efficiency

Key features

  • Capacity 10 Tons
  • Connectable Capacity up to 200%
  • Indoor Unit Connection – Up to 32
  • Quiet Mode – 56.5db
  • External Static Capability – 0.32 Inches of Water

Specification Description
Capacity (Tons) 10
Capacity (BTU) 120000
Capacity Cooling (BTU/H) 120,000
EER - Cooling 12.3/12.3
Capacity Heating (BTU/H) 135,000
Power Supply (V, Phase, Hz) 460/3/60
Outdoor Unit 460V/3Ø/60HZ
Power Input - Cooling (W) 8.44/8.92
Running Amps - Cooling (A) 12/12.7
Power Input - Heating (W) 9.28/9.79
Running Amps - Heating (A) 13.1/13.8
Fuse or Circuit Breaker Capacity (A) 25
Operation Sound - Outdoor (Hi) (dB-A) 59.5
Fan Speeds Variable
Elevation Difference - Outdoor Above (ft) 164
Elevation Difference - Outdoor Below (ft) 131
Refrigerant R-410A
Refrigerant Piping -Type Copper
Refrigerant Pipe Length (ft) Maximum 1640
System 2-Way Heat Pump
Type Heat Pump
Weight 697