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Discontinued U-72ME1U9 ECO-I VRF Systems - Heat Pump Outdoor Unit Discontinued


Product details

  • ECO-i VRF Systems - Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
  • Capacity Cooling: 72,000
  • Capacity Heating: 81,000

Specification Description
Capacity Control Range (%) 10-100
Coil Face Area (sq ft) 29.5
Capacity Cooling (BTU/H) 72,000
Cooling Mode: Indoor Conditions (°F WB/°F DB) 80/67
Cooling Mode: Outdoor Conditions (°F DB) 95
Crankcase Heaters (W) 25
Fan Motor Output (KW) 0.7
Fan Type/ Quantity 1 Propeller
Capacity Heating (BTU/H) 81,000
Heating Mode: Indoor Conditions (°F DB) 70
High Pressure Switch/Overcurrent (CT Method) Yes
Max. Overcurrent Protection (MOCP) (A) 40
Minimum Circuits Amps (MCA) (A) 26
Outdoor Capacity Up to 72000 BTU
Outdoor Capacity (Tons) 6 Tons
Outdoor Unit 2-Way Heat Pump
Power Supply (V, Phase, Hz) 208 / 230V 60Hz
Number of Rows 4
Salt Protection Yes
Type Heat Pump Outdoor Units
Unit ECOi VRF System