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Rugged mobility that’s a healthy investment

Toughbook Healthcare Solutions Image

The Toughbook family provides powerful, rugged and extremely secure mobile computing for healthcare professionals. Enterprise-grade Toughbook computers, tablets and handhelds give doctors and nurses the intuitive, touch-based performance they demand and the ability to integrate EMR/EHR data into day-to-day patient care while supporting the Windows-based security and device management tools required by IT. Providers face ever-increasing demands for higher quality care and pressure to lower costs and increase efficiency, and Toughbook helps medical organizations achieve all this, making it a healthy investment.

Built to thrive in healthcare environments

Whatever your mobile strategy, the commercial grade performance of the Toughbook lineup is uniquely suited to meet the demands of the healthcare environment. Engineered to meet stringent specifications for security, durability and sanitization, the Toughbook laptops, tablets and handhelds can handle emergencies and the unexpected without sacrificing patient confidentiality.

Toughbook Healthcare Solutions Image

Compliant with the most rigorous infection-control protocol, Toughbook devices are tested to withstand the near-constant wipe downs required in healthcare facilities, as well as drops, spills, dust, sunlight and the heat and freezing temperatures medical teams endure from ambulance to hospital.

Access and manage patient information, schedules and more in real time or engage other useful integrated features including GPS tracking or barcode readers to enhance operations and take your patient care delivery to the next level.