Harbor Plus™ Smart Battery Storage System

Harbor Plus™

Product details

Developed in partnership with Panasonic, the Harbor Plus smart battery deploys more power, capacity, efficiency and features than any other smart battery available. Pika's Harbor Plus packs enough power and capacity for whole- home backup and controlling energy optimization programs like time-of-use and self-supply, simultaneously. When compromise is not an option, choose the Harbor Plus smart battery from Pika Energy.

The modular design of the Harbor smart battery makes it fast and easy to install powerful lithium-ion battery storage. Panasonic battery modules drop into the pre-wired, light-weight enclosure for ultimate on-site efficiency.

Key features
  • Couple with solar for indefinite grid independence
  • Powerful pre-programmed time-of-use (TOU) settings
  • Plug-and-play with Pika Inverters and smart batteries
  • Connect up to four Harbor batteries for extra capacity
  • CA Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) ready
Total Energy 20.3 kWh
Usable Energy 17.1 kWh
Power: Rated Continuous 6.7 kW
Power: 60 minutes 9.0 kW
Power: 5 minutes 10.0 kW
REbus Voltage: Input/Output 360 - 420 VDC
Round-Trip Efficiency 96.5%
Operating Temp. Range 41-113, (5-45) ºF, (ºC)
Recommended Temp. Range 54-86, (13-30) ºF, (ºC)
Maximum Installation Altitude 9834, (3000) ft, m
Dimensions 68 x 22 x 10 (1725 x 560 x 235) in, (mm)
Battery Modules 6
Module Voltage 46.8 VDC
Weight (Li-ion module) 55, (25) lb, (kg)
Weight (Enclosure) 115, (52) lb, (kg)
Weight (Installed) 445, (202) lb, (kg)
Communication Protocol REbus DC Nanogrid™
Compliance UL9540, UL1973, UL1642
Warranty: Electronics 10 Years
Warranty: Li-ion Modules 10 years/45.3 MWh

Smart battery for solar and grid-interactive energy storage

Harbor Plus™ is a solar-ready smart battery providing 17.1kWh of usable energy with industry-leading simplicity and features. Featuring Pika Energy’s patented REbus™ 380VDC nanogrid platform and powered by Panasonic lithium ion battery technology, the Harbor Plus Smart Battery is the safe, powerful companion to the Pika Energy Island™ system for grid-tied solar with battery-interactive performance.

Plug and play compatibility with Pika Energy Island

Build a smart solar-plus-storage system.  Harbor Plus™ directly couples to the Pika Energy Island’s single-phase X7600 Islanding Inverter and three-phase X11400 Islanding Inverter, enabling solar-powered buildings to store clean energy with revolutionary efficiency and simplicity. That means more usable power when the grid fails, and a faster return on your smart energy investment.


Technician-installed in less than one hour

Harbor Plus™ is designed for fast, simple installations. No messy wiring, no auto transformers or additional battery inverters are needed. A single technician can complete the job in under an hour thanks to Harbor’s floor-standing, wall-secured design and lightweight, onsite assembly.

Powered by Panasonic for industry-recognized safety

Harbor Plus™ is powered by Panasonic industry-leading lithium ion technology. Panasonic, the world’s largest supplier of lithium ion batteries, provides advanced safety features to protect Harbor. Harbor Smart Batteries use touch-safe leads for all DC connections, so plug-and-play installations are simple and safe.