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Low Cost, Whole House Ventilation Solution


High-performance, energy-efficient green homes and high-end custom homes, have at least one thing in common: customers expect the best and know how to find it. They want houses that don't waste energy, they understand that sustainability matters, and they expect their house to be comfortable, energy-efficient and quiet while delivering superior indoor air quality (IAQ). Noisy, underperforming bath fans will disappoint these people and discount your reputation. It is time to take your ventilation game to the next level.

WhisperGreen Select™ is a customizable solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification, and healthy indoor environments.

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WhisperRecessed LED™ will satisfy your customer’s design and ventilation requirements by combining performance and beauty with a quiet, powerful, energy efficient fan hidden behind an elegant recessed LED can light. Learn More

Whisper Control Condensation Sensor Plus allows you and your customers to take control of their bathroom with built-in intelligence and automatic adaptability that helps save energy while working to keep the bathroom air clean, dry, and healthy.

WhisperControl Preset Count Down and Hourly Timer will run the fan for a select period of time, up to 60-minutes, and then turn off. Learn More