Food Services

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Serve up satisfaction and efficiency

Panasonic solutions for food services help you transform your customers’ experience and interactions. From durable tablets customized for line busing or point-of-sale to flexible 2-in-1’s that give managers productivity whether in the back-office, kitchen or front of house, Toughbook computers and tablets are uniquely designed to keep your operation connected and efficient. Toughbook devices are built with rugged, all-weather design that can uniquely handle the drops, spills and grease that come with any busy restaurant. They also feature hot-swap batteries so they can work open to close. For demanding food service environments, consumer-grade tablets just don’t cut it. Toughbook mobile computers are designed to stand up the heat wherever your work takes you.

Speed up lines inside and out

Meet and exceed diner’s high-tech expectations with technology solutions that raise the bar on customer experience and drive true business efficiency.

Turn Toughbook tablets into an electronic menu that can be customized for different restaurants. Easily adjust pricing and menu dayparts, and allow customers to order right at their table. You can also use them as a mobile POS, enabling servers to wait tables, input orders and process discount or gift cards via credit card readers for faster speed of service. Even when used outside at the drive-thru, Panasonic tablets can take orders—and rough handling—all day long.

A menu of tailored solutions

Mobilize your management with electronic checklists that record routine tasks and software that tracks food costs, labor scheduling, inventory and sales. Toughbook devices can also be integrated with your surveillance system so you can easily keep an eye on your drive-thru, front of house and registers—from the back office or even another location.