High Speed Oven New

1200W High Speed Oven NE-SCV2N

Product details

The NE-SCV2N High Speed Oven is a versatile, easy-to-use oven designed for any commercial kitchen, in front of house or back, that needs fast, efficient cooking. Combining 3 cooking technologies; high speed convection, twin inverter microwave and grill; this oven creates 6 combinations for fast, delicious results. 

The Cool Touch surface and compact foot print (18.66 W x 22.24 D x 16.22 H) allow you to stack multiple units, doubling your cooking space. The ventless cooking technology makes set up a breeze, and LCD panel and 1000 memory makes using the oven easy for anyone, regardless of skill level. 

The Panasonic NE-SCV2N High Speed Oven, easy everyday maintenance consists of cleaning a removable air filter and drip tray, base plate liner, ceramic tray, wire rack, pizza and white ceramic plates, oven sheet and aluminum paddle (optional accessories) and wiping down the easy-clean enamel door.

Key features
  • Patented technology for rapid cooking. Create 6 heating patterns using 3 functions: Convection, Grill & Microwave
  • Compact footprint. Designed for kitchens where space is at a premium
  • Stackable. Cool Touch exterior allows multiple units to be stacked, multiplying your cooking capacity
  • 1000 menu memory capacity
  • Easy to set up, easy to maintain