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Panasonic and Verizon Response Solutions are ready when you are.

We’re committed to help keep first responders ready. Response ready. Because every second counts when you answer the call. Local, state and federal public safety agencies can stay prepared, connected and aware with our emergency response–ready solutions.

We understand public safety needs and work continually to meet them by supporting you with the reliable, secure coverage you deserve.

Our Commitment

The network and devices that matter most.

When first responders have an urgent need for reliable, secure communications, it’s the network and devices that matter most. For decades, Verizon has supported their public safety partners by investing billions of dollars in their nationwide networks, providing reliable communications for first responders. Together we keep first responders connected no matter the condition and remain committed to providing best-in-class service.

Putting first responders first. Verizon delivers services in an open and non-proprietary manner, enabling first responders to communicate with other first responders, even when they’re not on the same network.

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Verizon 4G LTE Coverage Map

The network that connects. Verizon's Public Safety network provides several key features for first responders, including traffic segmentation, priority, preemption, and improved security. Their LTE in Rural America (LRA) program provides public safety agencies in rural areas with access to the same advanced 4G LTE services.

In order to keep our first responders connected we make sure that all Panasonic devices are Verizon Response Ready. This enables all of our public safety professionals to stay connected on the rugged TOUGHBOOK computers that get the job done.



Safety for all of us means working together. That’s Interoperability.

Keep the lines of communication completely open in an emergency. To enable secure communications and content sharing across public safety agencies, Verizon offers interoperable communications. With the Verizon Interoperability solution, first responders get any-to-any, end-to-end encrypted connectivity for communicating on any network and device during an emergency via radio, voice, video, data and text.

First responders can seamlessly interact through an easy-to-use interface with networks, services and compatible applications to communicate and coordinate across agencies, jurisdictions and departments.

When every second counts.

Verizon also has network deployables across the nation that can get up and running on short notice during times of crisis.

You run to respond when disaster strikes and we can be right there with you. People look to federal, state and local emergency responders for rescue and relief, and to help them return to normal as quickly as possible.

98% of Verizon network facilities remained operational during Hurricane Harvey.

Together we can help you stay ahead of cyberthreats, protect citizens and work wherever the call takes you. When responding to an emergency or disaster, you can be confident that critical communications and many other response solutions are ready to back you up.


Operation Convergent Response

Verizon and Nokia co-host the annual live demonstration event ─ Operation Convergent Response™ (OCR)

OCR is held in collaboration with the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA and gives you the chance to experience firsthand how advanced technologies can work under pressure in a crisis.  Panasonic is proud to take part in this event to showcase the reliability of our Response Ready rugged computers, tablets & handhelds.



The scenarios are the focal point of a well-rounded program, the OCR Strategic Experiential Journey. Through this journey, all attendees:

  • Witness crisis scenarios first-hand in a realistic, but controlled environment
  • Learn from experts about the latest technologies in crisis management in the OCR Talks program
  • Network with colleagues, crisis management leaders, and technology experts in the Solutions Showcase

First responders put our rugged devices to the test by addressing these real-life scenarios and getting the job done without fail.

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