Field Services

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Keeping field techs connected and productive

Toughbook Field Services Solutions Image


Mobile computing has revolutionized the playing field for field service, allowing techs to be nimbler, more responsive and customer-friendly. Consumer-grade tablets and laptops often fail to endure life on the front lines, resulting in expensive repair costs and increased downtime. Rugged Toughbook devices however are purposed built to stand up to the most demanding environments.

Tested to withstand drops, spills, grime and extreme temperatures, Toughbook mobile devices rarely fail, making them uniquely suited for the daily rigors faced by workers in the field. Five times more reliable than standard business laptops, according to a 2016 PC Mag failure rate study, Toughbook mobile computers are also a better choice for your bottom line.

Built to perform wherever work takes you

Toughbook Field Services Solutions Image

More and more field service operations rely on the rugged portability and superior connectivity of Toughbook computers, tablets and handhelds to increase efficiencies, optimize workflow and keep customers happy. Now you can track and report locations and schedules with pinpoint precision, enabling repair technicians to shrink appointment windows and keep customers posted on their arrival time via text, email or voice calls. Real-time product information and inventory updates make delivery teams more agile too.

When equipped with Toughbook computers to automate typical admin tasks, technicians can spend more time focusing on first-time fix rates and delivering superior service.