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GIII Robot

Product details

The GIII Robots features an integrated inverter power source within the controller. This unit works exclusively with Panasonic power sources or Miller welding power sources.

Key features

  • Standard robot and controller
  • Connecting external Panasonic power sources or Miller welding power sources
  • Standard software functions include Weaving, Shifting, Torch angle display, Overlap and Arc Start Retry

Specification Description
Applicable Robot Manipulator TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000, TL-1800, TL-2000
Applicable Controller GIII Controller
Applicable Torch: Separate TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000
Applicable Torch: Through Arm TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000
Applicable Torch: External TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TL-1800, TL-2000