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LAPRISS Remote Laser Welding Robot System


Product details

The LAPRISS (Laser Processing Robot Integrated System Solution) features a laser trepanning head mounted on a Panasonic robot with seamless interfacing between process and automation components.

Utilizing the Panasonic servo control technology for controlling the laser trepanning head to generate several welding pattern and beam functions makes the laser head extremely compact and lightweight.

Experience a complete system with unique compactness and a seamless interface between the process and automation components.

Key features

  • Direct Diode Laser (DDL) + Wavelength Beam Combining (WBC) technology – latest generation, high brightness laser technology
  • Laser programming, robot programming - all from robot teaching pendant
  • “Laser Navigation” - for easy laser parameter setting
  • “Spiral Process” & “Spinning Process” – for gap handling
  • Compact & small trepanning laser head - easy access to the work piece

Specification Description
Laser Welding Advantages Low heat input
Low distortion
High speed welding
Replacing spot welding and arc welding