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GIII TAWERS Arc Welding Robot System


Product details

The TAWERS GIII Arc Welding System with integrated 350A inverter pulse power source is suitable for MAG, MIG and TIG welding applications.

Optimum welding processes are achieved by utilizing an integrated inverter power source within the robot controller, ensuring complete synergy within the common control system.

This ensures that the established benefits and advantages of the existing TAWERS Fusion Technology are also now available for use for the range of MIG, MAG and DC TIG welding process.

Key features

  • 350A power source is installed in the robot controller
  • Duty cycle 350A 80% CV, 60% Pulse
  • 100kHz primary side inverter power source with secondary switching control
  • Precise welding waveform control for spatter reduction and high speed welding
  • Electronic inductance control with software controlled welding arc

Specification Description
Applicable Robot Manipulator TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000, TL-1800, TL-2000
Applicable Controller GIII Controller with 250A Built-In Power Source
Applicable Torch: Separate TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000
Applicable Torch: Through Arm TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TM-2000
Applicable Torch: External TM-1100, TM-1400, TM-1600, TM-1800, TL-1800, TL-2000
Applicable Welding Table SP-MAGII Mild Steel
SP-MAGI Austenite
Normal Pulse
SP-MAGI Ferrite
Aluminum MIG
Zi-Tech/Zi-Pulse (galvanized)
Aluminum Brazing
Silicon Brazing