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TorqBee® EC Series, Inline


Product details

High-accuracy transducerized DC tool integrates a rotary transducer & angle encoder to ensure precision torque control. Used in assemblies where high accuracy is required for the most safety critical applications. Inline configuration for easily and quickly conquering tight spaces.

Key features

  • Integrated rotary transducer precisely monitors torque and angle for industry leading precision
  • High accuracy transducer for torque control ≤ ± 4% with torque range of .8 – 14Nm
  • Programmable in 8-steps for torque, current, angle, speed, and time for all common tightening strategies
  • Min. 150,000 tightening results incl. torque and angle curve stored on the tool
  • 100 individual programs

Additional Features

  • Intelligent battery management
  • OLED-Display of tightening results
  • Real-time Wi-Fi reporting to quality system, including torque and angle data


EC Inline Chart