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TorqBee® EC Series, High-Torque


Product details

High-accuracy transducerized DC tool integrates a rotary transducer & angle encoder to ensure precision torque control. Used in assemblies where high accuracy is required for the most safety critical applications. Features a robust torque multiplier and durable reaction bar for high torque applications.

Key features

  • Integrated rotary transducer precisely monitors torque and angle for industry leading precision
  • High-accuracy transducer for torque control ≤ ± 2.5% with torque range of 50 Nm – 1,250 Nm
  • 6 steps in a program for torque, current, angle, speed and time control strategies
  • 100 individual programs
  • Minimum 150,000 tightening results include torque and angle curve stored on the tool

Additional Features

  • Intelligent battery management
  • OLED-Display of tightening results
  • Real-time wireless reporting to quality system, including torque and angle data



Additional Model #'s

TBPEC-150, TBPEC-250, TBPEC-300, TBPEC-525, TBPEC-645, TBPEC-1250, TBAEC-190, TBAEC-380, TBAEC-500, TBAEC-675, TBAEC-830, TBAEC-1000, TBAEC-1250